The Agriculture Minister, Chander Kumar, announced exciting news for farmers in the country. The department is launching a cluster system to promote Integrated Agriculture Development (IAD) and increase farmers’ income. The system will provide farmers with the latest technical knowledge specific to their crops, allowing them to maximize their yields and profits.

To support this effort, the Minister directed officers to create a land use plan based on soil testing reports and emphasized the importance of crop diversification. High-nutritional farm products will be the focus to help farmers earn more. The Agriculture Department will provide training in modern techniques to its officers to ensure they can effectively pass on their knowledge to farmers.

In addition, the Minister reviewed the progress of the JICA project and stressed the importance of providing better irrigation facilities to farmers. The officers are being directed to prepare a proposal to ensure farmers’ sustainable livelihoods. Marketing linkage facilities will also be improved, providing farmers with better opportunities to sell their products and increase their income.

In conclusion, this initiative by the Agriculture Department is a positive step towards improving the lives of farmers and ensuring their long-term success.


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