Himachal Pradesh Government Takes Steps to Strengthen the Rural Economy and Empower Horticulturists

The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, met with a delegation of the Theog assembly constituency to discuss measures taken by the state government to empower horticulturists and strengthen the rural economy. One of the key measures being taken is the implementation of universal cartons for apple growers, which will make them economically empowered. Additionally, the government is working towards setting up Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores, so that horticulturists can receive fair prices for their produce and avoid being exploited by middlemen.

To further boost the rural economy, the government is considering setting up an apple-based distillery, which will provide an additional source of income to horticulturists. Furthermore, the state government has allocated a 50% subsidy for the purchase of e-buses, e-trucks, and e-taxis in its first Green Budget, along with a 40% subsidy for setting up solar power projects. The Chief Minister has urged the Himachal Pradesh Co-operative Bank to provide generous loans for these schemes so that young people can gain self-employment and contribute towards the government’s goal of a Green Energy State.

The Chief Minister also emphasized the importance of the bank working for the welfare of farmers by providing loans for the agriculture, fisheries, and horticulture sectors. The state government has made provisions in the budget to provide financial assistance of Rs 1.50 lakh to 7000 single women for the construction of a house, as well as loans at one percent interest to meritorious poor students for higher education. The government has also auctioned liquor vends and imposed a water cess on the state’s hydropower projects to increase its income.

The Chairman of the Himachal Pradesh Co-operative Bank, Devendra Shyam, expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister and pledged to work with honesty and integrity toward the goals of the government. He assured the Chief Minister that the bank would allocate Rs. 500 crores for the purchase of e-vehicles and solar energy projects, and make every effort to strengthen the bank and the cooperative movement.

The steps taken by the Himachal Pradesh government to strengthen the rural economy and empower horticulturists will go a long way in creating self-employment opportunities and generating income for families. With a focus on Green Energy, the state is set to become a model for sustainable development, and the government’s commitment to the welfare of every section of society is truly commendable.


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