The Himachal Pradesh State Government is taking bold steps towards a greener future by adopting electric vehicles in its fleet. In an effort to protect the environment and conserve the natural beauty of the state, the government is implementing a new Electric Vehicle Policy aimed at promoting the use of EVs. This policy will start by introducing EVs in the government secretariat, followed by public transport services.

To encourage people to switch to electric vehicles, the government is setting up charging stations across the state, starting with government institutions and major buildings. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation will also be phasing out vehicles of zero book value and replacing them with electric buses as part of the new policy.

This innovative move towards electric vehicles will not only benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions, but also reduce operating expenses and provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. The new electric vehicle policy is a positive step towards creating a cleaner and greener future for both current and future generations.


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