In a positive move towards encouraging honest and hard-working students, the state government has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy towards the use of any unfair means in examinations. Education Minister Rohit Thakur has emphasized the importance of upholding the sanctity of examinations and ensuring free and fair exams for all.

To achieve this, the government has issued directions to all private and government institutions to take appropriate steps to keep a strict vigil during exams and ensure stern action against those found guilty of malpractices. This includes the constitution of a special high-level committee at the university or education institution level to prevent the use of unfair means in exams, and the committee will be held accountable if any malpractices are found to be in use.

In addition, the Vice-Chancellors of all private universities have been directed to ensure the prevention of unfair means in exams, and cheaters involved in unfair practices will face the strictest action possible. The number of flying squads will also be increased to make surprise visits and check during exams, and senior officers of the education department will keep a vigilant eye.

This proactive approach by the state government sends a clear message that the use of unfair means in exams is a serious concern that undermines the whole purpose of conducting exams. By upholding the sanctity of examinations, the government is taking a step towards encouraging honesty and hard work, and ensuring a fair and just society.


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