Smartphones launching in the Upcoming Year 2022

Smartphones launching in the Upcoming Year 2022

Do you know anything about the smartphones launching in the upcoming year 2022? No? then no worries we are here to let you know....
Pet-Bots Replace Actual animals

Will Pet-Bots replace actual animals?

Pets have always been lovable, but according to pet-bot developers, they have a few downsides as they need to be fed, cleaned up, and...
google fit

Google Fit to Measure Heart Rate and Respiration Using Your iPhone

In early 2021, Google deployed the ability to track key vitals right onto your Android device. Now the fitness app Google Fit for iOS...
organic neuromorphic electronics

Organic Neuromorphic Electronics: Process of Conceiving and Venturing

Have you ever heard of Organic Neuromorphic Electronics? When we talk about the working of the human brain it works differently from a computer...
first gaming laptop

LG’s ‘first gaming laptop’ with an 11th Gen Intel CPU and RTX 3080

LG has officially announced its “first gaming laptop,” the UltraGear 17G90Q. This first gaming laptop by LG has a combination of an 11th Gen...
most ai bots are females

Most AI Bots Are Females

While, dropping a question to Siri, Alexa, Cortana you will be answered by a pleasant and polite woman’s voice. Thus, proving the fact that...

Is AI learning things all by itself?

Today, AI helps doctors diagnose patients, pilots fly commercial aircraft, and city planners predict traffic. But sometimes what these AI’s doing, the computer scientists...

Why was Windows 95 a Big Deal?

It was the night of August 23, 1995, when people were awake till midnight. Wondering why??? It was because today was the night when the...

Meta’s sci-fi haptic glove prototype makes you feel VR objects using air pockets

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, made an exciting announcement: a glove. It’s a haptic glove lined with tiny motors that use bursts of air...
the appeal for fine bu=y google gets rejected

EU Court Dismisses Google Appeal Regarding $2.8 Billion Antitrust Fine

In 2009, Google broke the antitrust law by using its search engine to promote its shopping comparison service and demote its competitors.  So, Competition...