Universal’s new undertaking would turn strenuous for artists to re-record their feat

As reported by The Wall Street Journal the Universal Music Group is reforming its contract to widen the spell in which artists can re-record...
studio lan

Studio LAN drops key visuals for season 2

Bilibili or B site of China, headquartered in Shanghai, has made public the key visuals for the upcoming sequel of Shiguang Dailiren which is...

Microsoft is emailing 50,000 Microsoft Store gift cards to Random users

Start cross-checking your e-mails because Microsoft might have left something in there for you. In the last few days, people noticed gift cards...
Alex Gorsky joins Apple’s board of directors

Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson CEO, joins Apple’s Board of Directors

US-based Tech Giant Apple has appointed Alex Gorsky, current chairman and CEO of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson to its board of directors. Apple...
the appeal for fine bu=y google gets rejected

EU Court Dismisses Google Appeal Regarding $2.8 Billion Antitrust Fine

In 2009, Google broke the antitrust law by using its search engine to promote its shopping comparison service and demote its competitors.  So, Competition...
face id of iphone13

Apple is working on a software update to enable the Face ID of iPhone...

Screens of smartphones are the most usable part and exposed to wear and tear and even broke easily after accidental drops. iFixit has confirmed...

The instigator of AR apprised that Metaverse could make “Reality Vanish”

Apocalyptic prophecy An early AR founder has a terrible prediction related to Metaverse that it could Vanish the reality. The founder of the first functionality...
Instagram to introduce subscription feature

Instagram Might Soon Introduce Subscriptions Feature

Instagram is on the way to adding a subscriptions feature through which creators can earn money on the social media platform. With the introduction...

MCU movies on Disney+ are getting an IMAX Aspect Ratio Format Upgrade

Disney has announced its collaboration with IMAX that will see several Marvel movies presented in IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ratio format on Disney Plus. 13...
tesla model pi

Tesla Model Pi Phone rumored to Acquire a Stake in the Smartphone Industry

Tesla has announced the launch of its first-ever Tesla Model pi phone which is going to compete with the highest brand smartphones and will...

Russia’s Attempt to Blew Up a Satellite in Space Caused huge Chaos in ISS

On Nov 15 Russia destroyed its satellite with a ground missile, creating thousands of small fragments of debris that have spread out into Earth's orbit according to the US state department.  The department has recognized...
gina carano

Former ‘Mandalorian’ star Gina Carano Joins Biden Biopic “My Son Hunter”

In a youtube video that was released today, ex- ‘Mandalorian’ star Gina Carano announced she’s boarding the Robert Davi-directed ‘My Son Hunter’ which follows the U.S. President’s son and his shady business dealings and...
solar storm

Is Earth going to face a dangerous solar storm due to the new discovery...

There is a lot of possibility of Geomagnetic movement. As a result of disturbances in the Sun's atmosphere, a huge solar storm that might happen can impact the Earth a lot. Earth's surface is...