Michael Bay, Gareth Evans & Patrick Hughes Teams up for 'The Raid’ Remake

The cult-classic action flick The Raid: Redemption is getting a “re-imagining” at Netflix. The new film adaptation of The Raid will see Michael Bay producing the feature along with XYZ Films, while Patrick Hughes will be directing and co-writing the film with James Beaufort. The director of the original Raid: Redemption, Gareth Evans, will also executively produce the remake. The film has spent about a decade trying to get some kind of Hollywood adaptation off the ground, ever since the original film (shot in Indonesia and heavily influenced by its culture) became extremely popular and successful. Now, it’s finally happening.

The original version The Raid: Redemption was made within the Indonesian film industry, which Evans had knocked into through his wife and her family (who are Indonesian). The Raid’s groundbreaking action sequences featured the Indonesian martial arts style “Pencak Silat.” The first film produced a sequel, The Raid 2 (2014), but the series never managed to earn more than $10 million for either film.

The reboot of the film will take place in Philadelphia, where an elite DEA task force will take on a mysterious cartel kingpin as they fight their way through his tower of informants.

The director Joe Carnahan was ready to direct The Raid remake that Hollywood had in production just a few years ago, with actor & writer Adam G. Simon also handling the script work. According to the reports, the rights to that project expired, which allowed Netflix to scoop them up, and get this version into production. 

The release date for Netflix’s version of ‘The Raid’ has not been confirmed till now.


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