“Does Young Sheldon exceed the Big Bang Theory?” well, it’s an interesting question right!!

Comedy is one of the complex and toughest elements of emotions. No one can force a laugh out of someone. While watching a show we must relate to something to get the best out of it. In 2007, CBS came up with a show about four scientists who are awkward friends and how their lives turn with time which gained huge success in the world of television. After the historic success of the big bang theory CBS spin-off, young Sheldon gave many fans an alternate side of their fav character Sheldon cooper.

Before talking about the show Young Sheldon let’s talk about the big bang theory, a show which had huge ratings and following and had its complaints like unreasonable geek mockery, forcing the laugh, and also different portrays of people with social awkwardness problems.

 Despite all these issues, the big bang theory was a huge hit that gave makers of the show a new chance to print money by making its prequel Young Sheldon. But according to the makers it was more than just making money.

What Makes Young Sheldon Better Than Big Bang Theory?

young sheldon

Young Sheldon surely deserves more than just the big bang theory fans. The prequel is not a competition of the original show and both of the stories healthily take interest in each other.  On a base level, the story is so different that even the person who hates the older version of Sheldon Cooper would love the younger version of it.

Young Sheldon had an amazing debut and has a lot different from the big bang theory but still, many TBBT fans are seriously sitting around for the prequel. We are certainly quite clear on the level that the big bang theory has more jokes and punchlines than the young Sheldon. The show has jokes that are cleaner and has more connection to the scenes. Getting a lot of serious hate from the big bang theory fans the show is doing quite good for itself.

Compared to the big bang theory the show is amusing and for many people a perfect light comedy series as it doesn’t use the irritating laughing tracks, jokes are understandable and funny for an average-minded person. The humor of the show is great. The show is not only better than the big bang theory but also is funnier. Still no stranger to the negative comments that are received by the show from the big bang theory fans.

There are many aspects in Young Sheldon that give an edge to the show like Sheldon’s family. Each and everyone melds with their future self and the stories add depth to the character. Also, the actor portraying the character Sheldon is on point. People can relate it to the older character. Even for some viewers, young Sheldon is more lovable than the older one who is kind of self-obsessed. The show is less about but more about him and his family as a whole.

Being the prequel of the big bang theory the makers cannot do much with the young Sheldon, the character cannot grow just because of that. How much sweet young Sheldon is he will be like his narcissist self in the future. But despite all these arguments, most people would agree that young Sheldon is a great show and is worth watching with a good script, the right humor, and amazing supporting characters. there is no wonder people consider the cooper family over the big bang theory gang. Fans adore the big bang theory but the clash between the two fandom’s superiority is never-ending and it’s fine till it remains healthy.


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