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All you need to know about Lionsgate’s John Wick

John Wick is the most admired action franchise. Name John Wick is itself is very familiar to a lot of people even if they hadn't watched any movie from this franchise. John Wick is...

Elon Musk said it was ‘Not a Flamethrower’, but that isn’t stopping police

Mark Harris has put together an interesting report for TechCrunch on the legal issues that have befallen the Boring Company's flame-throwing computer buyers. Part of what makes it worth reading is that it digs...
We should fear AI?

Should We Fear AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a pretty heated topic. Some people fear it (that fear is called Technophobia), some people embrace it, or some people just don't know about it. Those people who embrace it...
Opera x Yoyo-games

Opera buys YoYo Games, for its gamer-focused web browser Opera GX

Opera delivered the world's "first" gaming browser back in 2019: Opera GX. It features RAM and CPU utilization limiters, a committed tab for following game delivery dates, and a few different highlights intended to...