The people are again in danger!! This time, the Circus Freaks have sneaked into a school with the aim of rob. Now what?? What is going to happen?? Will these Circus Freak succeed in robbing the school? When all these questions rise up in our minds, there comes Ben and Gwen. Ben quickly tries to transform into Heatblast using his Omnitrix but here comes another twist. Ben transforms into Ghostfreak!! Not only this but when the Omnitrix is about to timeout, the Ghostfreak does not goes back into the Omnitrix and is still there being afterlife of Ben and wants to control the Omnitrix

Hey readers, we all have been hardcore fans of Ben 10 in our childhood, and even today when we are grown-ups, there are still some mysteries that surprise us to watch the Ben 10 series again. Among those mysteries exist one of the mind-boggling ones who is “How Did Ghostfreak Came Out of the Omnitrix?”

This episode of ghostfreak came out as a part of season 2, and episode 7 was based on this concept.

Who is Ghostfreak?

Among a lot of aliens that Ben Tennyson could transform into, GhostFreak was one of them. This alien appeared like a ghost featuring a gaseous appearance, claws, and a greyish body with black lines running over the body. Although the appearance somewhat changed in every season like: 

In the Original series, Ghostfreak had the Omnitrix symbol on the lower left side of the chest along with a pink eye with a black pupil.

How Did Ghostfreak Come Out of the Omnitrix?

Talking about the Alien Force, the eye turned green with Omnitrix on the chest. Also, it somewhat looked like Zs’Skayr, whereas in the Ultimate Alien, the alien had bigger eyes, black and green pupils, and appeared more like enslaved Chimera Sui Gener.

Then in Omniverse, the ghost freak came with a new look having green chains over his body, on the front side, his skin turned greenish-white, spikes on the arms, and Omnitrix on his chest.

Ghostfreak was an Ectonurite, whose DNA was sourced from  Zs’Skayr. This alien possessed a body of ghosts with abilities like flight, levitation, invisibility, deformation, intangibility, and even the power to control anybody, etc. Ben really preferred this alien many times to win against his opponents.

The important thing to note about GhostFreak is that in Ben 10 Class.

How Did GhostFreak Come Out?

So readers, what comes to your mind when asked this question? Despite the strong security of Omnitrix, how did the ghostfreak come out of it? This had never happened before with any of the other aliens. So, readers, the following are the reasons “how Did Ghostfreak come out of the Omnitrix”.

Ghostfreak Come Out of the
  • Ghostfreak Was Not Just About DNA But Much More

When the Omnitrix was in the development phase and the DNAs’ were being scanned, a whole alien named Zs’Skayr was scanned rather than scanning the DNA of Ghostfreak. At that very moment, that aline was struck in the Omnitrix which was Ghostfreak. 

  • Ghostfreak had its own brain

The Omnitrix consisted of a wide range of DNA of aliens each with its own unique powers and specialties, and Ghostfreak was one such among them whose DNA was also present in the Omnitrix. But the thing worth noting was that Ghostfreak is the only alien having its own brain.

  • Ghostfreak acts smart and escape

 In Ben 10 classic Ghostfreak uses his brain and gets all the information about how the Omnitrix works and functions. Using all this knowledge Ghostfreak escapes using his power, brain, and abilities.

  • Ghostfreak blames Ben Tennyson

As soon as ghostfreak escaped he was after Ben Tennyson’s life because he thought ben was the reason for him being stuck in the Omnitrix for so long. He now wanted to control Ben’s body.

  • Hurdles in Ghostfreak’s plan 

Ghostfreak was not able to enter the sunlight directly when he separated from Ben. In order to face the sunlight he needed a host body or else he would get destroyed. This posed a real problem for him.

Another hurdle was, Omnitrix itself. Ghostfreak was not able to control Ben’s body when he transformed into an alien, hence this was a real challenge for Ghostfreak.

So this was all about the post on “ How Did Ghostfreak Came Out of the Omnitrix?”


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