The maximum distinguished and influential mentors in Harry Potter are within the order of most essential and most influential. 

5) Professor McGonagall

Who was Harry's biggest mentor?

Being the Least influential and plenty could even disagree with being her mentor however as the head of the Gryffindor House at the point of harry’s time in Hogwarts she becomes a function of mentorship, for harry potter. She was there for harry while James and Lilly’s potter had been murdered supporting and deciding wherein new child harry need to be sent. We can not forget that she turned into opposition to the decision of dumbledore to place harry with the Dursley family and argued that have to be raised with the wizarding kind instead.

  This simply counts her as a mentor but it motivated the selection of Minerva to support harry when he attended Hogwarts. A great example of this is when Minerva located harry flying a broomstick without permission on Hogwarts grounds but rather than punishing she selected him for the quidditch group which helped Harry to advantage extra self-belief and got to know his fellow Gryffindor students. 

4) Professor Snape


While professor snape won’t have been in the first class of phrases with harry while his time at Hogwarts but he supplied harry with crucial commands on multiple subjects. He turned into the professor who attempted to train Harry’s occlumency. But those lessons had been nothing short of adverse and according to Dumbledore “a fiasco”.  However, certainly coaching this skill to harry he changed into developing his abilities of magic.

As the classes were private personal periods for harry to help him near his thoughts towards Voldemort. Other than occlumency, in half blood prince Harry also discovered plenty from Snape’s old potion textbooks. But is a subject of discussion that this wasn’t a mentoring aspect however despite the fact that snape knew that Harry had his old textbook he didn’t expose him. It turned into a tolerable dating for both of them. 

3) Rubeus Hagrid


Hagrid may not be a mentor to harry in an educational manner however becomes one of the maximum high-quality figures in harry”s lifestyle. He turned into the one who came for Harry after he got his letter from Hogwarts and gave Harry his first birthday cake. Hagrid’s kindness, compassion, and protecting instincts in no way faltered. He was the first person to tell harry about his parents’ death.

Also gave Harry his first pet, an owl Hedwig as a gift. He turned into continually kind and cared a superb deal about Harry. That’s what makes him third on the list. 

2) Sirius Black


Sirius’s role as one of the maximum influential in harry’s existence is undeniable. As James potter’s best friend his love for potter’s own family was quite apparent. And his interest in turning into harry’s guardian turned evident. In keeping with Harry, Sirius became their guardian for him. Despite his earlier history and stories, he was a substantial improvement from Dursley’s.

He cared deeply for harry and shared a direct connection with his dad and mom. For harry he became extra than a mentor, Sirius turned into a father Harry never had. He even risked his freedom and came to London to make sure of harry’s safety. As a wizard inclined to present the entirety for harry Sirius is nearly within the top of being harry’s mentor.

 1)Albus Dumbledore


Ever Present and incredibly powerful magical discern all through the harry potter collection he’s the no. 1 selected as Harry’s most influential mentor. He begins his courting with Harry after his first stumble upon the dark lord. Despite the fact that Dumbledore became a massive effect on Harry’s life he turned into certainly not the perfect mentor to rely upon.

But for each half of fact and partial revelation he offers Harry, he additionally teaches Harry a lot of things. He discovered past events through and took Harry with him to destroy a Horcrux. He even mentored Harry in his afterlife on the ‘King Cross Station. Dumbledore could have been more honest with Harry about approximately positive matters. But that does not trade the truth that he was Harry’s longest status most influential mentor.



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