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Everyone can agree with the fact that the Harry Potter book series is one of the greatest pieces of literature that the world has witnessed. Be it the enchanting characters, mythical creatures, or fantastic settings – everything amazed us over decades. When the books were adapted into movies, they managed to reach people all across the globe. But there were a lot of characters that didn’t even make it to the Harry Potter movie.

There is a list of the characters from the Harry Potter Series that didn’t make it to the final cut:-

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The harry potter fans are well aware that Hogwarts is the home of many ghosts and even each school has its ghost. But there was one character that never made it to the movies that were Peeves, one of the most natural creatures of the school. He wasn’t an actual ghost but a poltergeist.

He spends his whole day enjoying and calling students with weird nicknames, splattering visitors in the mud, and hiding in different spaces to scare the passerby. Still, in the end, he proved to be a great help against evil. He not only didn’t help to drive Dolores Umbridge out of the school but also helped in the war. Originally peeves were meant to be in the movies but directors decided to leave the character out.


Potterheads are aware of the rebellious dobby the house-elf who escaped the slavery of Malfoy manor or Kreacher who was completely loyal to the black family. But there was one more house elf that was missed in the series – Winky, who spent her whole life serving the pureblood Crouch family.  Crouch was a respectable family in the wizarding world until Barty Crouch Jr. decided to join the evil side. But his father pulled strings and kept him at home, And Winky was his caretaker.

But after jr. crouch fooled winky she was banished from her home. Then she had to go to Hogwarts to find employment but was still by heart in the service of the crouch family and used to remember that quite frequently.

#Frank And Alice Longbottom

We later found out that Harry Potter was not the only person with the tragic stories- Nivelle Longbottom had one too. Neville’s character had a huge growth throughout the series but his backstory is not sufficiently explained. Harry discovers in the pensive the truth about Neville’s parents but remains quiet about that until everyone got to meet them in the hospital when they went to see the injured Mr. Weasely. Niville seriously deserved his story ti be heard but due to long lengths of the books the story remained unraveled.

#Charlie Weasley

It was not enough that bill Weasley got such a short time in the movies, the director chose to keep Charlie out of the movies. He is one of the most interesting Weasley. He was a Gryffindor seeker since his second year and acc. To Oliver Woods, he could have played for the national team but he chose to study dragons in Romania instead.

After a long time family reunion, Charlie would be nothing but an enjoyable person who is athletic yet fun around the table. it is still a question that how could they not let him be in the movies.

#Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupin is the son of the late Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks and another character who didn’t make it to the movies. We do realize the fact that he had even a very little role in the books and was just in the epilog but still his existence narrated its own story.

Teddy had a similar story as Harry but the difference was that he was surrounded by family people who cared about him very much. He was first seen on platform 9 ¾ happy and cheerful. His story completed the whole story from a sad orphan boy to a boy who was an orphan but was in safe hands in a more stable world.

This theme is missing from the movies.



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