solar storm

There is a lot of possibility of Geomagnetic movement. As a result of disturbances in the Sun’s atmosphere, a huge solar storm that might happen can impact the Earth a lot. Earth’s surface is likely to face an impact by these projectiles. As a result of this, the geomagnetic field of the Earth might face a mild movement.

Well, the Solar Dynamic Observatory of NASA has discovered a massive ‘coronal hole’ in the Sun’s outer environment, known as the corona that continuously emits charged particles. The hole also spews plasma which consists of free-flowing electrons and protons and originates from the Sun’s outermost layer, which can reach temperatures up to 1.1 million degrees celsius.

According to Bill Murtagh, who is a project coordinator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Centre(NOAA SWPC) the sun is showing little movements from some past years. According to some of his research, this is the most frequent solar minimum and we are approaching solar maximum very rapidly. In some years, it will be more intense.

The coronal hole is present in the southern hemisphere of the Sun, where the temperature is more than 1 million degrees celsius.

Consequences of the solar storm due to the coronal hole

If a solar storm happens there will be a large increase in the temperature in Earth’s outer environment. Satellites will be impacted and mobile phone transmissions, television signals, GPS navigation, and power grids will all be impacted as a result of this.

The Aurora effect in the Polar Regions might get affected as well by the current traveling from the Sun towards the Earth. There is a large probability that the auroras can be seen in the sky of the North and South poles. The solar storm can cause some minor geomagnetic movements on Earth’s magnetosphere. According to NASA, the coronal hole had also exerted a stream of gaseous material which was expected to arrive on Earth between Saturday and Sunday.

This solar storm might have the power to explode circuits of the power lines of the earth as there will be a large amount of current in them due to the solar storm.

This solar storm is not going to be the first one earth has ever faced but it can be the worst one.

Coronal hole a big concern for the earth

The sun has been a concern for the earth for the past several years and now that NASA has discovered this giant coronal hole the topic has become more concerning. This coronal hole is a topic of concern because it can cause many solar storms that can impact the earth in the future.

The coronal hole is a big concern not only because of the solar storms that might happen in the future, but also because if this hole expands more in the future the sun may get explode and destroy the whole Milky Way galaxy.

This hole or solar storm might not have a very large impact on earth this time, but it is a big cause of concern for the future.


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