first woman

“First Woman” an interactive graphic novel from NASA

If missions like Artemis are to succeed, NASA needs more astronauts, and it thinks it has a brilliant sales pitch in the form of a tech-savvy comic. The space agency has launched First Woman, an augmented reality graphic novel that follows fictional Callie Rodriguez as she attempts to become the first woman to land on the Moon. You may read the 40-page first issue on its own, but NASA wants you to download a companion mobile app (for Android and iOS) or scan codes to get a more immersive experience with environments and objects.

Visit the Orion Spacecraft

You can visit the Orion spacecraft, the Moon, and other objects by pointing your phone at specific “XR” codes (through the app) or QR codes (via the web). You can also earn badges by playing games and watching movies.

There is also an audio version available. NASA has also stated that a Spanish-language version of the novel will be released at some point in the future. The administration isn’t shy about using First Woman as a recruiting tool, but it’s worth a look if you want to encourage your children’s enthusiasm in space and science while also learning about NASA’s long-term ambitions.



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