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Biodiversity Act 2002

Biodiversity Act 2002 of India Forbids Scientists from Sharing New Microbial species

Validation difficult than Discovery For the past 3 years, Praveen Rahi has dedicated himself to identifying and describing a new species in the mountains of northern India which...

‘youtube-dl’ removed from GitHub by RIAA Takedown Notice

Today afternoon, after a notice received from Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA, one of the most common pieces of software to download YouTube's videos, youtube-dl, was removed from GitHub.
Dr Disrespect and cyberpunk 2077 collaboration

A Dr. Disrespect and Cyberpunk 2077 collaboration on the way?

In his YouTube streaming career, Dr. Disrespect seems to have caught a second wind. Every week, fans see Doc teaming up with famous internet celebrities from a few walks of life. Doc...
acer chromebook

Acer announces the first Chromebook with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7c-chip

For years, Microsoft and Qualcomm have put Snapdragon-powered laptops such as the Flex 5G and Microsoft Surface Pro X as superior, to their Intel-powered counterparts, to modest success. Compatibility problems of Windows...