What does your mind create when you hear “toxic relationship”? It might be somewhat, a relationship that affects your peace of mind, simply a relationship that disrupts your mental and physical workflow. The relationship that starts and continues with pushing each other for building mutual understanding usually ends up in a messy relationship.

A healthy connection means two happy people while a toxic connection means either one or zero happy people. It’s even more difficult for both to stop responding and investing efforts in months and years of connection, suddenly. But such aspects of the relationship are equally important, here is everything you need to know for having a smooth and happy relationship.

Signs of a toxic relationship

In a healthy relationship, even though there are small arguments but opposite to this in a toxic relationship, very tiny reasons bring large disappointments and disagreements.

  • Dishonesty and lies

If either one or both start making up lies like whom they are meeting, where they are currently,       showing a busy schedule or anything just to avoid the company of each other and worrying how the next one will react then they start lying about their feelings too, which brings cracks in the relationship.

  • Scoring mistakes

Humans make mistakes, mature apologies, and move on. Consider yourself in deep conversation with your partner and he/she keeps bringing up your past mistakes, you did this, that. It’s irritating, a mature person does not do this but one who is keeping you in a toxic relationship will.

  • No takings, only giving

Ask yourself for a while on which side you are, taking or giving, if there is a balance then it should be like this and it’s good. But a toxic relationship makes you feel like you are always on the giving side, whether it is taking responsibilities, investing time and efforts, or building understanding and respect in a relationship.

  • Disrespectful behavior

 The disrespectfulness in a relationship is subjective but it generally includes behavior. If something is said or done by your partner makes you feel offended,  disheartened for a moment or it’s cutting your respect line, then it’s not good for a healthy relationship

  • Continue stress

Life brings a lot of challenges like job tension, and family problems that can create instability in a relationship. But if you are not facing stress from such outside sources and continuing the relationship makes you feel stressed, well !! There is something wrong, which if not figured then can make life miserable in the long run.

  • Controlling Behaviour

 If one in a couple starts controlling the other’s behavior, then it makes the other live with the fear of what the controlling partner will do. Assume people named A, and B are in a relationship, A keeps telling B what to do, and what to not,  A insults B’s decisions, and A keeps checking on B. Now it may be felt you are cute but it’s not.

  • No mutual understanding

Mutual understanding is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If one does not pick up another’s call, is late answering messages, does not reach in time, etc (unintentionally). then it tests how well there exists a mutual understanding. Mature people understand each other

How does a toxic relationship affect your well-being?

toxic relationships

Most have heard, observed in movies and reel lives that love defeats everything and the only matter is to find someone to love us. Reality hits differently, relationships bring lots of responsibilities that if not mutually handled create toxicity. A toxic relationship teaches that love is not everything, if their company threatens and affects your living, well being then it’s of no worth.

Having an unhealthy relationship is stressful for both. The mind and body get badly influenced. It brings stress which makes immunity weak and increases other stress-related diseases. The sleeping schedule gets badly affected, and a toxic relationship possibly makes you remain awake the whole night. Such a bond makes an individual feel tired all time, not doing physical activities, and interaction is reduced with friends.

A person is always worried about his/her partner’s reaction to things they do, which creates anxiety and no peace of mind. There are many scientific types of research done in the past that showed that stress and even a negative relationship affect the cardiovascular system, and social isolation due to toxic bonds is linked with inflammation and hypertension.

Can a toxic relationship be fixed?

It is most likely that once a relationship becomes toxic it’s going to end, but it’s also possible to bring it on track. The main factor is the balance in every give-take aspect of the relationship. And obviously, a toxic relationship can be changed into a healthy relationship if both are willing and put effort. By accepting the roles and developing healthy behaviors, it is possible to heal the relationship. It is much better to identify whether you are in a toxic relationship or not and then deal with them effectively. Many steps can be taken.

  • Acceptance

Analyze your relationship and check whether it halts the growth of your life or not. Admitting the reality is the beginning to change it.

  • Try to become more compassionate towards each other.
  • Talk with your partner about your insecurities developed in a relationship, if not able to discuss it with a partner then discuss it with other mature relatives, friends, etc. You can also consult a therapist.
  • There are also chances that your companion will not change in such a situation self-introspection is very important and then there must be your final decision whether you feel good to continue with it or not.
  • Try to discover different ways of expressing your thoughts in front of your partner and if not go as per your expectation it’s better to move on.
  • Stop blaming each other and build respect for each other. If both can exchange thoughts without having the blame game then there will be the emergence of good and healthy bonding. For example, Instead of saying that “it’s your mistake”, you can replace it with “I think we took things differently and wrongly”.

Once a toxic partner is left, it will be realized and it is the reality that health and your well-being have the highest priority, words of your partner are of no matter what matter is their actions. The relationship does not guarantee that your loneliness will be ended, and even if you are not in a relationship that does not mean that you are alone.

A toxic relationship teaches that you must maintain your personality and own identity while being in a relationship, if it gets affected it’s better to move out. The happiness a relationship brings with itself, in the beginning, has a shorter period and it depends on both how well they can maintain the happiness in their relationship.


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