Ben 10, the name is strong enough to give us a hit of deep nostalgia. The cousin duo tagged along with their grandpa Max embarking on a summer adventure is the basic outline of how this show started. The series was a great success that spanned over for a long time and introduced us to many new characters. However, a question that arises, again and again, is “How did Ben 10 dies?” or Did Ben 10 ever die?

Ultimate Sacrifice

There were many incidents in the series where he was close to death or died, these incidents include the Ultimate sacrifice, from the ultimate alien collection. In ultimate sacrifice, Except for Ultimate Wildmutt and Ultimate Way Big, the sentient Ultimate Humungousaur persuaded Ben to give his life so they may escape the Ultimatrix.

Ben 10 ultimate sacrifice

Ben made an effort, but the Ultimatrix spared his life and released the Ultimates in recognition of his valiant deeds. After the Sentient Ultimates made peace with their previous “jailer,” Azmuth sent them to a world where they might live in peace.

Other incidents from the series

Other incidents include time heals from Ben 10 Alien Force in which By traveling through time, Gwen tries to stop the accident that results in Kevin’s mutation at the beginning of the season. Even if she is successful, this leads to another reality where Hex and Charmcaster defeated the squad and conquered the entire planet. Other incidents include Chromosapien Time Bomb and Anailarg Blast from the omniverse series of Ben 10.

Ben 10 alien force kevin mutation

In all the incidents the writers find a way to revive Ben, by switching timelines, altering times, or by releasing his soul. In the Anailarg Blast, Ben died along with the universe, however, Alien X again created the universe and with it, Ben 10 was revived again. So the answer to Did Ben 10 ever die is yes and as a matter of fact, he has died a couple of times.

How did Ben 10 die?

So the answer to how did Ben 10 dies is not so simple as there are many answers to the how Ben 10 dies question, in Ultimate alien he dies by sacrificing himself, in the Alien Force he dies as Charmcaster sucks his soul out, in the Omniverse Chromosapien Time bomb, akin to how the Annihilarrgh is capable of eradicating an entire universe in one single swoop, is a potent weapon of mass destruction designed to wipe out timelines and realities throughout the multiverse, kills Ben. So there is no specific answer to the question of How did Ben 10 die.


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