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Hey readers, we are back with a new post for the Ben 10 fans. Do you remember that time when watching Ben 10 made us believe in aliens and even when we demanded an Omnitrix (Ben’s watch) in our childhood! Even funnier thing was that when in order to fulfill that wish we drew it on our wrists with colorful pens.

But wait, the ones who are not the fans or followers need to be told some details before we get to the reasons behind ‘Why ben 10 omniverse failed’.

BEN 10 was written by a team of 4 writers of Man Of Action Studios and is produced into animation by Cartoon Network Studios. This is an American animated television series. The Ben 10 franchise was telecast on TV by the Cartoon Network channel. The franchise got so popular that it won 3 EMMY awards and critical appreciation from all over.

The franchise has 5 series which are as follows:

  • BEN 10
    • This is the first series aired on Tv in 2005
    • It had 4 seasons
    • Worked from 2005- 2008
    • Aired on Tv in 2008
    • It had 3 seasons
    • Worked from 2008- 2010
    • Aired on Tv in 2010
    • It had 3 seasons
    • Worked from 2010- 2012
    • Aired on Tv in 2012
    • It had 8 seasons
    • Worked from 2012 – 2014
    • Aired on Tv in 2016
    • Worked from 2016- present


The main character of the series is Ben Tennyson nicknamed Ben, a young boy. The whole franchise has the main focus on the watch – Omnitrix which allows the person who wears it to transform into various aliens each having different superpowers. The other characters are Gwen Tennyson (his cousin), Max Tennyson (his paternal grandfather).

So now let’s have a detailed look into the 5 series.


In this, the main protagonist Ben Tennyson aged 10 yrs old goes with his grandfather and cousin on a summer vacation road trip, where Ben finds a watch-like device that gives the ability to transform into various aliens (transform almost into 10 aliens). In this series, Ben learns that wearing the Omnitrix gives him the responsibility to save the earth from aliens. As quoted “Being a hero isn’t about letting others know you did the right thing, it’s about you knowing you did the right thing.”


In this series Ben has now grown and is 15 yrs old, again getting a chance to be a leader whereas this time Grandpa goes missing l. In this series, Ben has to fight with Highbreed and help humans not get extinct. To our surprise this time he has 10 new aliens among which the main are Swampfire, Goop, Jetray.


Here comes the third series. Until now Ben has become a hero worldwide and his identity is also revealed. In this series, he gets his new ‘ULTIMATRIX’ which has the power to transform Ben into the alien ultimate form. Ben in the series is a 16-year-old trying to keep the aliens away from the earth.


In this series, Ben is shown as a young boy but this time Gwen and Kevin leave Ben and take their own paths in life. Now we come to see a new friend ROOK who proves to be really helpful and extremely knowledgeable for Ben and then later we see Skrud who helps Ben in every situation. This time the enemies are old ones who have come back to take revenge. In this Ben uses the Omnitrix which we first saw in the end episode of Ultimate Alien. This Omnitrix uses symbols to represent the aliens which Ben finds a little irritating and often gets transformed into the wrong alien.


As per the name, this is reboot meaning starting the journey from the beginning. This is a reboot of the first series, Ben being 10 years old following the same storyline and opening up in a world of extraterrestrial superpowers.


Although the franchise earned massive popularity, received many awards, and earned a heavy amount from it, the 4 series ‘Omniverse’ was a disaster. Although we can not deny the fact that in this series we got a chance to see the war between Alien X vs Alien X where a clear winner was seen. We got to watch a new friend Rook who was quite fun to watch while we know we missed Gwen and Kevin but they were later seen in the series. We even got to see Time Travel. But all these facts also couldn’t reach up to the expectations and now we will see the main reasons why Ben 10 Omniverse was a failure:

  • The art direction in this series was extremely poor. The animation work in the previous series was mind-blowing but coming to this series it seemed too kiddish.
  • The appearance of Ben, Gwen and Kevin were so funny. The art director Derrick really changed the vibe of the characters making them look funny instead.
  • In this series, the saddest and thrill-killing part was that Ben could’ve transformed into Ultimate Alien which was completely off the track now.
  • Also, the writing style, like Ben is shown at age 16 but his mentality and thinking level is still childish.
  • Another reason was the storyline seemed rubbish as it was seen that the aliens were living on the earth but not evening trying to capture or destroy the earth means then what was thrilling left in it.

Thanks for reading the post and yes, do share your opinion on what you think about the reasons behind ‘Why Omniverse was a failure’.



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