Why Omnitrix Transform Ben Into The Wrong Alien!

Ben 10!! The amazing animated television series was surely a favorite one of all of us. This was the series that at least for once compelled us in our lives to hit or slap our watches as done by Ben Tennyson to his Omnimatrix aka Omnitrix to transform into an alien. Sounds funny right!!

But it’s the truth and maybe the reason why it was such a success because it really made us believe in its story and left an impact on us. The storyline, the transformations, the varieties of aliens, their fascinating superpowers, the adventures, etc. all of these held us, wanting more to watch it.

Remember that feeling when you literally cheered for Ben whenever he won against his enemies. But wait! This journey of winning was not easy at all especially when Ben did not get the alien he wanted to transform into. Although this was sometimes a bit irritating but was fun to watch.

So in this post, we would be discussing the reasons “Why Omnitrix Transform Ben Into The Wrong Alien!”

A Strategy to keep a Broader Range of Plot

Why is Ben getting the wrong Aliens? Well, this question could be answered in the most realistic way in just one line – ‘to keep a broader range of story plot.’

This could be a strategy of the makers in building the highly successful franchise about the kid hero Ben Tennyson. Ben getting the wrong aliens, gives the story various forms and scenarios that really grill up the interest of the audience into the story.

Ben getting the wrong aliens puts him into various fun-to-watch situations which would sometimes be comedic, suspenseful, adventurous, or sometimes brought unexpected twists and turns.

Hitting it Too Hard

Why Omnitrix Transform Ben Into The Wrong Alien!

Now moving to the next reason, Ben smashes his watch-like device too hard while wanted to transform into an alien. This reason is the one that was told in one of the episodes by Azimuth himself (in For a Few Brains More).

Azimuth says “Stop banging so hard on my Omnitrix. The impact sets the timeout function to random.

This sounds the most valid reason behind Ben getting the wrong alien. He used to hit it really hard as seen in most of the episodes which would put the Omnitrix set to random and unintentionally the hologram changed.

Not completely built hence glitched

This was the main reason for the BEN 10 CLASSIC. In this classic series, Ben struggled to get the desired alien as the watch was not built completely which led to glitches, also the badge was randomly placed on the alien. Whereas in the alien force the badges were found to be mostly on the chest. This was also due to a glitch in the classic series.

But here the question comes to our mind that if it was really so then why not always the glitch happened.

So this could be explained as Ben in the classic series hit the Omnitrix using his fingers which led him to successfully transform into the alien he wanted. For example, when he wanted to transform into Heatblast, he tapped using fingers and got transformed into HeatBlast itself.

Omnitrix was The Guardian Angel

Enemy: This is me and nothing can stop me from destroying the world. 
Ben: Nothing except me!! (transform into the desired alien but gets transformed into the wrong one.)

Here, happens the tragedy, Ben gets the wrong alien. Well ben himself knew that the Omnitrix seems to know Ben more than he himself. So Ben getting the wrong alien could be a setback.

The watch had Artificial Intelligence which led to transformations as per the situation and as often seen Ben achieved the victory despite the fact that he got the wrong aliens.

Omnitrix is a super-smart computer but seems to be practically alive. If you remember, in the begining it fused with Ben, becoming a part of him and later it is seen that it grows becoming an extension onto Ben. Here it would not be wrong to say that the part of Omnitrix is becoming Ben. The smart computer starts to adopt, encode the personality, intelligence, and humanity of Ben. 

Moreover, it transforms Ben into an alien by fusing the blank DNA into Ben’s. So more Ben uses it, the more it comes to life.

Remember that event when it was separated from his arm (in Ben 10 Alien Force Season 3 Episode 7) and was able to take full control of Ben’s hand and manipulate muscles to navigate around and even fight back. This gives Omnitrix a neurological connection with Ben and sets a window onto his mind where it’s not just receiving commands but also learning.

And from all this, we can conclude that Omnitrix somewhere knows what Ben needs not because it’s tactical or that it’s able to fight the enemies for ben but because it knows Ben as a person and hence being his guardian angel.

(Omnitrix giving the wrong alien, but Ben being Ben uses them also to save himself and wins.)

Why Ben got the wrong alien in Omniverse?

Well, we talked about the classic series, the alien force, the ultimate aliens, and now moving onto Ben 10 Omniverse, the reason behind Ben getting his aliens wrong was Ben himself. In this series the Omnitrix was completely built after the complete hard work of Azimuth for 6 years, there were no such issues in it and it was totally secured so the fault existed in Ben. He was not aware of how to actually use it. He was also unaware of the variation of aliens. 

So this was all about the post. And now, it’s all up to you that what reasons you want to believe and what not.


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