Money Heist Part 5: There's No Plan B

Money Heist Part 4 Recap

The fourth Part of Alex Pina’s Lacasa De Papel a.k.a. Money Heist ended with a big cliffhanger, a thrilling crossfire involving a helicopter, and the very tragic death of the fan-favorite Agata Jimenez alias Nairobi (Alba Flores) by the hands of Cesar Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga), the chief of security of the Bank of Spain. We saw Gandia holding Nairobi hostage, releasing her, and then shooting her on her forehead instantly killing her and making a run for it.

Daniel Ramos alias Denver (Jaime Lorente) chased him down and threw a grenade at him which wounded him badly. He went into hiding in the panic room where he had tied up Silene Oliveria alias Tokyo (Ursula Corbero). He had no choice but to trust Tokyo to help him get the grenade shards out of his body and to stitch the wounds. During the process, Tokyo knocked him down.

In the library of the bank, where the hostages are sitting, Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce) got hold of a gun and was threatening to shoot. Julia alias Manila (Belen Cuesta), a gang member and Denver’s childhood friend, who was undercover as a hostage, shot Arturo in the leg and has to reveal her identity to the rest of the hostages.

Meanwhile, Sergio Marquina alias Professor (Alvaro Morte) was trying to help Raquel Murillo alias Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) escape prison and enter the Bank of Spain where the actual heist is going on. With the help of Jakov alias Marsielle (Luka Peros), Lisbon landed on the bank through a helicopter while the police were under the belief that the helicopter is there to help Gandia escape.

While this is happening, Inspector Alicia Seirra (Najwa Nimri) who was betrayed by the Police for telling the truth about the unlawful arrest of Anibal Cortes alias Rio (Miguel Herran), is on the task to find The Professor on her own. Money Heist Part 4 ends with Alicia finding the hideout and holding Professor at gunpoint.

Money Heist Part 5

After topping Netflix’s top 10 list around the world, Money Heist is back with the final season of the show, which consists of 10 episodes in total, making it the longest season of the show since the first. And this time Netflix has decided to release Part 5 in two separate volumes.

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1 (streaming now on Netflix) consists of 5 episodes in total, with Volume 2 (consisting of the final five episodes) will make its way to the streaming service at the end of the year i.e. on Friday, December 3rd, 2021.

Money Heist Part 5 Episode 1 Review (Spoiler Alert!)

Episode 1 of Money Heist Part 5 titled “The End of the Road,” starts with a flashback, where Andres de Fonollosa alias Berlin (Pedro Alonso) meets his son Rafael (Patrick Criado). He introduces him to his girlfriend Tatiana (Diana Gomez) and tells him that he wants him to recruit him in one of his heists.

In another flashback, Professor and Lisbon discuss the plan Rome. He tells her that the police will try to bring the Military in and they will treat the hostages as collateral damage. He says that as this happens, their priority would be to smuggle out as much gold as they have melted and not focus on more.

In the present, Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) proposes to let the operation go to the Military even though he is opposed by Deputy Inspector Angel Rubio (Fernando Soto) and the Chief of Special Operations, Suarez (Mario De La Rosa). He contacts army Major Sagasta (Manuel Seda) who after some persuasion agrees to enter the Bank. Tamayo fabricates a bunch of lies to save the Police’s face and frames Alicia for cooperation with the gang.

In the bank, Lisbon takes charge and begins plan Rome which is not taken well by Tokyo, Martin Berrote alias Palermo (Rodrigo De La Serna), and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian).

Meanwhile, Monica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo) alias Stockholm, Denver’s wife, has an argument with Manila and Denver because Manila’s identity has been revealed to the hostages. This compromises their initial agreement to give Stockholm’s 2 years old son, Cincinnati’s custody to her if anything was to happen to Denver or herself.

The Professor Money Heist

Police are trying to get hold of the helicopter which delivered Lisbon to the Bank which is being flown by Marsielle. With the help of Benjamin (Ramon Agirre), Marsielle manages to escape in front of the policemen.

Lisbon is trying to get hold of The Professor who is now tied up and getting interrogated by Alicia who tortures him to get answers. When Lisbon calls again, Alicia reveals that she has found him. The gang is now in the finale, they have now hit the end of the road.

Episode 1 of ‘Money Heist Part 5‘ was the perfect beginning of the end. As it has always been, the part starts exactly where the last part ended. It was as intense as expected and tied every loose end, albeit unrealistically, but again, everything in here is unrealistic.

Tokyo talked about her late boyfriend Rene (Miguel Angel Silvestre). We get a glimpse of what her past was like before she met the Professor. She loved Rene and her words don’t say this in those exact words, but they make us feel the love she felt for him.

We also experience the tension that has been developing in Stockholm’s mind regarding the safety and future of her son. She came in the Bank to have her gang’s back but the only safety net that she left for her son is now compromised. Her only hope now is for them to successfully escape the bank.

And to successfully escape the bank seems impossible now as the Professor’s hideout has also been compromised. The gang and the Professor are now at their absolute worst-case scenario. The Professor always had plan B, but not for this case, because here, only plan A works.



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