Money Heist Part 5

Money Heist Part 5: Story So Far

In the first episode of the fifth part of the Netflix original La Casa De Papel, better known as Money Heist, we saw Alicia discovering The Professor’s hideout, and overpowering and torturing him to know his plans to prove her innocence and loyalty while Colonel Tamayo was fabricating false evidence against her. In the Bank, Lisbon takes charge and plans on implementing the plan Rome. That was until she was finally able to contact Professor and the gang got to know that the Professor has been captured by Alicia.

Stockholm is worried about her son’s future while Marsielle and Benjamin escape in front of the Police. Tamayo wants the Military to go in even though he is opposed by Angel and Suarez and contacts Major Sagasta.

The gang thinks that they are now at the dead-end of the road because they don’t have any plan B.

In the flashback, we saw Berlin and Tatiana meeting his son Rafael and asking him to be a part of a heist they are planning to which he refuses.

Money Heist Part 5 Episode 2 Review (Spolier Alert!)

The second episode of Money Heist Part 5 titled “Do You Believe in Reincarnation?,” starts with Lisbon, Tokyo, and Stockholm going out of the door of the Bank of Spain with a bunch of hostages (while the rest of them are still in the library with Matias Cano (Ahikar Azkona), a gang member) to ask Tamayo for a neurosurgeon for Gandia. Their motive is to get as much time as possible for their escape. While conversing with Tamayo, Lisbon figures that the Police do not have the Professor and that Alicia is working alone.

Meanwhile, the girls confirm that the police indeed don’t have the Professor and go inside the bank with the hostages, and Tamayo orders Sagasta to enter the Bank with his team. When they enter inside, they witness Bogota fighting with Gandia and try to stop it. The whole gang is distracted and Arturo, Mario Urbaneja (Pep Munne) the Governor of the Bank of Spain, and a few other hostages manage to get their hands on the weapons. Arturo, the absolute dumbass, fires an assault rifle openly and injures Denver and some unarmed hostages. The armed hostages run and the gang chases them.

There is a crossfire and the gang manages to retrieve five of the hostages. Rest six hostages (including Arturo, Governor, Amanda (Olalla Hernandez), and Miguel Fernandez (Carlos Suarez)) manage to make a run to the loading docks, manage to enter it, and block the entrance.

They discover that the exit is blocked with explosives but also find all of the gang’s weapons stocked there. Arturo, the idiotic shithead, wants to fight against the gang even though the Governor is against it. The gang is now almost out of weapons but Tokyo and Rio go to the panic room to retrieve some grenades.

Arturo, on the verge of attaining insanity, puts a machine gun on a forklift and tries to attack the gang while also attacking Denver with his words using his biggest insecurity (Arturo and Stockholm’s past relationship and him being the biological father of Stockholm’s son). Lisbon orders Bogota to release Gandia as the Army is about to enter the Bank. Stockholm hears all this and goes through the vents and corners Arturo from behind the forklift and shoots him (Ladies and Gents (and others) this is the moment you waited for).

Alicia is making a video to get evidence in favor of her innocence while Benjamin and Marsielle enter the hideout. Professor tries to warn them but Alicia drugs him and tricks them into believing that he is sound asleep. She then captures them both and ties them up along with the Professor.

Money Heist Alicia Sierra

The second episode of Money Heist Part 5 was another good one. It had a lot of action and involved a lot of shooting guns. It also had a lot of unexpected twists and we also got to see what we wanted to see since Money Heist Part 1 aired and we all loved it.

The gang, who was about to hit the end of the road now knew that their road had been reincarnated. If you believe in reincarnation, you could imagine how the gang felt at that moment. We witness Alicia’s cleverness again. A nine-month pregnant woman is able to overpower and capture three men, who are a part/mastermind of the biggest heist the world has ever seen, all on her own. She definitely is worth the hype she gets.

Bogota was in love with Nairobi (who wasn’t?). He wants to avenge her death badly and wants to kill Gandia every time he laid his eyes on him (which was fairly constant). I just want to applaud the self-control that he had shown by releasing Gandia to his freedom.

Arturo Roman, the stupidest of all stupids, annoyed the hell out of us viewers in this episode of Money Heist. The person he annoyed and provoked more was Denver. He touched his biggest insecurity and poked it so hard, everyone’s brains started bleeding. Stockholm, who knows both Arturo and Denver perfectly well, knows what is going in both their minds.

She knows that Denver’s mind and heart are both about to explode and she also knows that Arturo is now in utter overconfidence and the only way to stop him is to surprise him. She uses her resources- one single gun, the vents, and her brilliant brain- to use the vents and corner Arturo.

This is the best that we have seen of her yet, but there’s more. She does what everyone has wanted to do for a long time. She shoots him in the head. This was the best episode yet of Money Heist.



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