Money Heist Part 5: The Birth Plan

Money Heist Part 5: Story So Far

In the first and second episodes of the fifth part of Alex Pina’s La Casa De Papel better known as Money Heist, we saw the gang finding out that Alicia isn’t working with the police anymore. This renews their faith in the heist and they continue finding time for their escape while Alicia also captures Marsielle and Benjamin.

Arturo starts a hostage rebellion, injuring some of the hostages and Denver. He and some other hostages, including the Governor, hide in the loading docks where all of the gang’s weapons are stocked. Arturo, the king of the sewer rats, gets overconfident with his ten minutes of power and lodges an attack on the gang while also taking his personal vengeance out on Denver. Stockholm, hearing all this, goes through the air vents to corner Arturo and shoots him Twice.

Meanwhile, Tamayo orders Sagasta to enter the bank but Bogota releases Gandia that very second, stalling the army for some more time.

Money Heist Part 5 Episode 3 Review (Spolier Alert!)

Now, the third episode of Money Heist Part 5 titled “Welcome to the Spectacle of Life,” starts with Stockholm desperately trying to revive Arturo while Denver helps her (Why?). Lisbon seems to have a good reason for releasing him, along with the Governor and two other hostages, and does the same.

Tamayo gives a press conference and frames Alicia to be collaborating with the Professor and fabricates a bunch of lies and backs them up with fake proof. He also claims that the gang injured Arturo and a bunch of other hostages (against the Governor’s claims during his interrogation with the police).

When Alicia sees the press conference, she gets stressed out and her water breaks. She goes into full labor. The professor is trying to help her but she is convinced that she can give birth herself. She would have done it, but the baby turned to be breech and it is impossible for her to give birth without any assistance. She releases Professor, Benjamin, and Marsielle who all help her in delivering her child.

The gang fabricates new plans, which involve stalling the army so much so that they’re able to melt all the gold, take it out and then escape safely. They would be losing the war, but at a pace so slow, they’ll end up winning.

The military (which includes Gandia) is finally entering the Bank. They climb over to the roof where Mirko Dragic alias Helsinki (Darko Peric) is building a trench. The army blows up the roof with explosives and Helsinki gets trapped under a statue.

In the flashback, Berlin and Tatiana tell Rafael about their plan for a heist. They want to swap the gold artifacts of the Vikings that have recently been discovered, with their brass replicas. Rafael is still against this.

Another flashback shows that Manila was to be a part of the first heist but Augustin Ramos alias Moscow (Paco Tous), who was Denver’s father, Manila’s godfather, and Benjamin’s friend, is skeptical about her being in the heist. Moscow and Denver then talked to Benjamin who was against this and this presumably resulted in Manila not being a part of the first heist.

Money Heist Stockholm and Manila

This episode was also up to the standards that Money Heist has set. It was another good one. We get to see Berlin being classic Berlin again. I’m assuming he is Alex Pina’s favorite character given that he is still in the main cast of three parts after his death.

Stockholm is in guilt because she believed she has just killed a man. She was the innocent woman who was naively in love with a moron like Arturo, who was then held hostage the day she found out she was pregnant. She fell in love with her captor and decided to spend the rest of her life with him. She landed in another heist to support her friends and left her son behind. She is feeling guilty about killing a man and she is worried that she has also killed the last safety net that her son had.

Stockholm and Manila have a conversation about her coming out to her father about being a trans girl. She tells her that Benjamin was not at all supportive of her identity (which is so unlike the Benjamin we have known till now). This shines a light on the struggles of the Transgender people who are not supported by their parents but also shows that people can change, as Benjamin is now the most supportive person ever.

The birth of Alicia’s child was wholesome. The way the whole scenario went was predicted by many but even then, the scene seemed quite thrilling and did a plot twist (Professor is free again). The birth of a child in this dire situation reflects on the spectacle of life. Now that the Professor is free there is a fresh ray of hope for the gang but the army has intervened. The next two episodes of Money Heist Part 5 are gonna be interesting.


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