Avocado Works Best to Reduce Belly Fat in Women in 12 weeks, finds study

Yes! A single avocado can reduce your belly fat – especially in you women.

A recent study from the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign and collaborators explains that Avocado is more than just a tasty treat and has surplus health benefits.

According to the researchers, eating an avocado every day triggers the belly fat molecules for redistribution and is an excellent methodology to fight Type-2 diabetes. And this interesting part of the research – it works best on females.

The research is led by Naiman Khan, Kinesiology and Community Health Professor at Illinois, where 105 overweight adults were put to experiment for 12 weeks. He says,

“Weight loss of participants was not the reason of the research, but the goal was to check about what does an avocado do to body fat and which location is the most targetted.”

Humans contain two different types of fat:

  • Subcutaneous fat, fat that accumulates underneath the skin of the individual.
  • Visceral fat, fat that accumulates deep in the abdomen and surrounds the internal organs.

Individuals with high levels of Visceral Fat are at high risk of diabetes. So, the objective of the research was to check the change in the ratio of subcutaneous fat to visceral fat after the consumption of avocado.

The 105 participants were divided into two groups. One group ate a meal including avocado, and the other group had a meal with similar ingredients but without it.

The abdominal at and the glucose tolerance was noted down at the start and end of 12 weeks.

The result showcased that the female participants who took avocado in their meal saw a reduction in their visceral fat that is quite hard to target. The ratio of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat was reduced and was redistributed away from organs.

There was no change in the fat redistribution of males and the glucose tolerance of either of the two genders.

“Our research provides us with a foundation to conduct further work to understand the full impact avocados have on body fat and health,” said study co-author Richard Mackenzie, a professor of human metabolism at the University of Roehampton in London.

“By taking our research further, we will be able to gain a clearer picture into which types of people would benefit most from taking it into their diets and deliver valuable data for health care advisers to provide patients with guidance on how to reduce fat storage and the potential dangers of diabetes,” Mackenzie added.

All in all the study has made it clear that involving avocado in the dietary plan especially for women would be of great significance. It may help you fight diabetes and your fat at the same time. So, go for it whether you are male or female.


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