Ben 10: The History of Alien X

Are you also a hardcore fan of Ben 10? Well, Ben Tennyson is such a character who can beat the most basic street-level characters and could work his way up to the top tier.

Ok so, according to you, who is the strongest alien in the whole Ben 10 franchise? Now if you try finding the answer the simple answer you would get is ‘Alien X’. So in this post, we will discuss his history, and some facts!

About Alien X

Alien X was the Omnitrix DNA sample of Celestialsapien species from the homeworld of Forge of Creation and has the body of a humanoid with the ability to be omnipotence and is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Talking more about his personality, this alien is not one but a combination of three personalities (that’s why three horns in the head) .i.e. Serena, Bellicus, and Ben himself. All three represent various aspects of emotions like Serena – the voice of love and compassion, Bellicus – the voice of rage and aggression, Ben – the voice of reason

So, despite having powers to control reality, time, and space this alien is difficult to use. Although ever since in Universe vs Tennyson, Ben was able to achieve full control over it but still his use remained limited as with the powers came responsibilities too.

Forge of Creation

History Of Alien X

In the Ben 10 franchise (classic timeline) Alien X has appeared in 5 episodes in total. We have tried to explain the history in chronological order, which is as follows:

Ben10: Alien Force

The first time Alien X appeared in the series was in the finale episode of Alien Force titled “X = Ben+2” where Ben transformed into Alien X when he was confused about what to do as the dam had exploded and the water was all over the place.

"I will use this alien that I have never used before and let’s see what happens,” said Ben before transforming.

We also got to know about his powers of time manipulation as he does to mend the dam as it was before.

Ben10: Ultimate Alien

Ben has used this alien in very limited quantity in the whole series. And the second time he appeared in the Ultimate Alien episode titled “Forge of Creation.” As using Alien X was a difficult task and in the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous, in this episode Ben tells that with the help of Kevin he has installed a safety precaution, first to avoid the situation of Ben transforming accidentally into it and second to avoid Albedo gain access of it.

Although this was the only episode in the whole series where this precaution was shown being used.

Talking more about the history of Alien X, Ultimate Alien was the series which actually told us more about these alien spices like: showing their birthplace (Forge of Creation), where they live and even an encounter with baby Celestialsapien happens where it is discovered that these babies don’t have multiple personalities as found in the grown Alien X.

Alien X Ultimate Alien

Ben10: Omniverse

"The Universe is about to get destroyed and Alien X is needed."

Once again appears the strongest alien of all in the episode titled “So Long and Thanks for all Smoothies,” where Annihilargh, the doomsday device gets activated and the whole universe gets destroyed.

But Ben transforms into Alien X and convinces Serena and Bellicus to let him use it. Ben then recreates the universe (well, creating a replica, not exact but almost up to the mark) revealing Alien X’s other ability i.e. Universe creation and automatic universal durability.

Omniverse: Weapon XI (Part 1)

In this episode, Servantis turns the Amalgam Kids evil and convinces Kevin to join the Rooters. And at one point, while fighting the Rooters, Ben transforms into Alien X with full control over it. It was just for a few minutes but we got to see his mind-controlling power in this episode.

Omniverse: Universe vs Tennyson

Finally comes the episode Universe vs Tennyson where we got to know that the Celestialsapiens have altered the universe multiple times, and are responsible for the changes in art style across the franchise. In this episode, Ben visits the intergalactic court where the case of “Universe vs. Tennyson,” about recreating the universe and failing to replicate the Mr. Smoothy grape flavor exactly, is held.

During the fight with The Galactic Gladiator, Rook recommends Ben to transform into Alien X. This time Ben had full control and starts to beat the shit out of The Galactic Gladiator. Here we witness the powers like making colones, black holes, and teleportation.


Alien X’s actions onto reality can be neutralized and reversed by the intervention of other Celestialsapiens. He’s a mono-existence being meaning if Ben is using it then Ben 10000 can’t use him in the same timeline at the same time, also his powers can be used only when all the three personalities (mentioned above) come with a unanimous decision.


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