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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ was the one where it was revealed that long 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the much-beloved Hermione Granger was with Ron Weasley, happily living a married life with their family. Yes, you might have got a shock, every Harry Potter fan did! Harry Potter and Hermione were supposed to be together, right? They would have made the perfect couple, then from which context Hermione and Ron came together. It has been over a decade but still, this question leaves the Potterheads mind-boggled, and still, they are not able to digest this. In fact, they even question when JK Rowling (the creator) herself believed this, then why not?

Real Reasons for Harry Potter and Hermione not ending up together?

There are a lot of reasons why Hermione and Ron married but what made Potterheads think that Harry Potter and Hermione would end up together. If we read the books it is simply portrayed as a friendship but in the movies, it really confused the fans because they shared the romantic energies too which gave the audience a thought that Harry and Hermione would end up together.

Well, what you think does not always happen and there are certain reasons for it which are:

  • Talking about the real and actual reason, this storyline of Hermione with Ron was a form of wish fulfillment for the author, which seems a strange one giving heart-throbbing shock to all fans.
  • Even this decision of making a pair of Ron and Hermione was an emotional decision rather than a thoughtful one says the author herself.
  • We should see the other side too- Hermione’s and Ron’s couple. Well, they didn’t seem to be a horrible couple. There were a lot of good things about them like they used to share things which Harry and Hermione didn’t. Moreover, it’s said that the opposite attracts. Where on one side Ron was goofy, Hermione was a serious one and a bookworm.
  • Another reason could be, Harry Potter and Hermione needed a good friendship, not a relationship. They always stood by one another, helping each other tackle all the hurdles. From Hermione helping Harry with the time tunnel in Prisoner of Azkaban to Hermione putting her life in danger in order to help Harry, to get the golden egg from the brutal dragon to giving each other romantic advice and whatnot.
  • They were always together but only as friends ( deep friendship) which might be spoiled if they would have married.
  • Furthermore, Hermione was never into Harry from the beginning, rather she was fond of Ron and had those feelings of jealousy for Ron when he would hang out with someone else.
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Why Ron for Hermione and Ginny for Harry Potter?

Jk Rowling very interestingly made the pairs and you believe it or not she completed all the 4- Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron, Ginny.

The things that Harry Potter and Hermione didn’t have was a wizardic family which they got when they married Ginny and Ron respectively. Whereas Ginny and Ron had everything but lacked money which Harry and Hermione had, so in this way they completed each other.

Also, if Harry Potter and Hermione would have ended up together then their friendship with Ron would have spoilt and Ron would just have been left out as a sidekick.

So this was all about the post, hope you like it. Do share your questions or what you think about the Harry Potter series in the comment section below.



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