hope in life

Hope without action, is just like daydreaming about your goals which will make your goals your wish and thus will make a person fail, not something that person wants to achieve. Hope is nothing but a case of mindset which depends on the expectations of positive results about different incidents and conditions in life. Hope can never be the strategy in achieving life goals, it is not something that would let you get closer to your goals, ambitions. But actions are something that put you closer to your targets.

When failure hits, hope is the last thing that is required when everything feels that it would not work out. Hope has no foundations and that’s why it sounds baseless, it seems like having hope but with no reason. Hope is just like believing in your thoughts that everything will go well, but there is a need for actions to move and not to remain in a fantasy world. Hope without actions will make life miserable.

The result of having Hope without Action is Hopelessness

Several conditions cause Hopelessness. It can be the feeling of being trapped in a specific life problem, can be because of multiple losses. It is the feeling of frustration, losing something in life. But without having plans and appropriate steps is the major reason for putting yourself in such a state of mind. Have you ever been through a feeling of hopelessness? Probably the answer is yes because everyone failed at some sort of time in their life. The point is that the extent of this feeling may vary from mild to intense.

Failing and falling so many times creates such a state of mind but creating opportunities from challenges, making doors from walls is something that makes someone called a genius (which is tough to do because the state of mind is not easy to balance). And if that failed result is because of having hope without actions (lifestyle), then it might put the specific person in a state of depression, guilty, negative mindset. Such feelings might push anyone into severe health problems. When people lose hope, they give up their ambitions of life, on their target of life.

why hope is so important

Consequently, this will result in a loss of their energy. This all happens because people never try to believe that they can change their reality subconsciously, in which hope has an important role. They never try to influence the different factors that exist in their surroundings. When you try to move out of the hopelessness zone, things definitely will change dramatically, but conditionally actions are necessary.

Try to identify what triggers your inner power of taking action. It might take time but it will have its worth. Hopelessness can be because of external factors but it comes mostly from the inside, from the perspective of moving towards goals.  The solution is inside as well. Specifically, actions are one solution that is applicable in all Hopelessness conditions while other solutions can vary depending upon the situation.

Breaking the word Hopelessness and getting hope out of it is one of the practical solutions to deal with this misery. Just remind yourself by positive affirmations that everything will pass and starting taking action is the simplest way for getting out of such a situation. As if you move, you will be ahead of that person which you were in your past. Hope can be said as having a positive mindset.

Hope Vs Faith – confusion develops when there is hope without action

  • Hope is an activity that is based on uncertainty. It is a word that explains unsure but positive thoughts related to specific circumstances and thus wishing for the expected results. When someone is unable to foresee the results of any specific situation then hope is the weapon that can be used effectively and helps to move constantly and positively. That person is left with only hope that results will meet desires.

 Faith is based on the mindset that whatever the result will come, it is for the better. Faith is more spiritually based as compared to hope as it accepts that there is some force at work that has its accountability for all the activities that are taking place and it does not matter what the result comes from the specific situation. Someone who wants to wear the clothes of faith must have full confidence that it is the best for life.

  • Hope mostly depends on logic. Because it identifies the facts and creates simply a mindset that those facts will in the future create positive results. Faith is merely based on the blind belief that it does not matter how those facts create results, the proper positive results will always be conquered.
  • Hope creates the understanding of riskiness of circumstance while faith can’t identify risks and only make you understand that there are plans developed by the higher most powers to make the best out of them.

Hope and faith are two different things but both make each other consequently. The most important fuel that is required for their working is actions. Hope without action and faith is only a wish of positive outcome which most people do and thus everyone is not successful in their life. Hope and faith are both required for effective thinking and positive results but when a person starts visualizing his success most of the time without actions then hope or faith becomes choices on the verge of failure or after failure. Thus for desired results, hope and faith both are required in the journey with effective actions and plans.

When hope is added to the action, a win is definite

Hope + Action = Win Action creates hope of achieving dreams,  as hope itself does not have meaning without action. Without hope of positive results,  our actions are simply a way to let the time go without an effective outcome. However hope without actions also resulted in zero progress. It concludes that hope and actions both are essential entities for enjoying the dish of success. There are many things that people hope for and this is the hope which encourages them to move and grow by taking action. It inspires people to take action without worrying too much about the results. And thus allow only to think about the actions for getting targets.

Take action and have hope that your action will lead you to success. As hope without action is merely a wish. You can seek the help of your subconscious mind for converting your thoughts into reality as hope is a vital part of your success journey.  That’s all for now, be in touch for further interesting facts and articles.


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