Venus had oceans

A group of scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Planets have recently studied the past of the planet Venus to find whether Venus ever had oceans like Earth? Compared to Earth, Venus has almost the same mass and size and has rocky material. It holds some water and has an atmosphere too.

Coming on differences, the planet’s atmosphere consists mostly of CO2, it has utmost surface temperature and pressure and is enclosed by sulphuric acid clouds.

With the three-dimensional sophisticated models of atmosphere available on the Earth which are used to pretend Earth’s current and unborn climate, researchers studied how the atmosphere of Venus could have evolved.

Lead Author Martin Turbet, a researcher at the Department of Astronomy of UNIGE and a member of NCCR Planets explained that they stimulate the climatic conditions of both the planets at the beginning of their evolution, meaning more than four billion years ago when the surface of planets was molten. The associated torrid heat indicates that the water would have been present in the form of steam as in a gigantic pressure cooker.


The results of the investigation showed that the climatic conditions did not permit water vapors for condensation in Venus’s atmosphere. The study also claimed that water remained as gas on the planet Venus and oceans never formed.

According to scientists, the main reason behind this is the clouds that form more favorably on the night side of the planet and these clouds cause a greenhouse effect that prevents the planet from cooling as quickly as thought.


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