What seem to be the same entities are quite different concepts, this is what exactly happens when we talk of Robotics and AI (Artificial intelligence). We ought to clear this and explain the very difference between the terms.

People often mix these terms up by considering robotics as a subset of AI.  These both serve different motives in reality. An artificially intelligent robot is the term that confuses people, thinking both as similar terms. We can consider in the simple sense that robots were in the past also without artificial intelligence. More simply we can say that artificial intelligence is intellect whereas robots are the frame.

In this article, we will detail the differences between robotics and AI and try to explore what they actually are!

What actually Robotics and AI are?

Robotics is the branch of computer science and engineering that deals with the building of robots. Robots are machines designed to assist humans. The efficiency of robots is far better than humans and they do the same task in comparatively no time. Some robots require user input while other robots are automatic in function.

On the other hand, John McCarthy defines AI as a science and engineering of the creation of intelligent machines. AI is an intelligent computer program that is exhibited by machines to perform various tasks. The application of AI includes automated decision making, competing in strategic things, solving various problems, approaching logical reasoning, and even understanding human speech.

Features of Robotics and AI that make the difference!!

Robots are programmable machines that have agility. Robots consume power and interact with external surroundings with the help of sensors. AI has a characteristic of deep learning, it has the ability of automation. AI features data ingestion and can even solve quantum level problems with the accuracy of supercomputers. AI basically works on automated decision-making and logical reasoning.


Robots are to do work more efficiently and in less time which serves the purpose of comforting human efforts. Robots need to be designed which requires framing, programming which then interacts with the surroundings. AI finds applications in various fields including Chatbots, GPS trackers, navigation systems, automobiles, gaming, and even in healthcare.

As an example of the robot we consider a basic cobot:

 Cobot stands for a single collaborative robot and is a non-intelligent robot. A cobot is programmed to do a certain task and it will continue to do so until it is turned off. Such robots are for industrial purposes and are termed non-intelligent robots because they require no input after being programmed.

To prove the ability of AI we consider here, Artificially intelligent cobot:

A basic cobot when assisted with AI comes to be called an artificially intelligent cobot. After installing AI  it reacts and works as humans and interprets the surroundings and ultimately the decision-making capacity is extended.

Until now we are clear with the concept that robotics involves the building of robots and AI deals with programming intelligence in it. Now, where the confusion starts is when we talk about Software Robots because software robots are not robots.

What is Software Robots?

In the above, we talked about a software robot, which is an AI system that operates on a host device. A software robot is not a physical robot rather it is a program that automatically runs to employ a virtual operation. Software robots include- Chatbots, search engine bots, expert systems, and virtual assistants.

Hopefully, this article has cleared your confusion between robotics and AI. If there still remains any doubt on ‘Are robotics and AI similar” you can leave them in the comment section below.



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