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Big Bang Vs Friends!! Both biggest sitcoms on television but which appeals to more audiences? Rerun of both of the shows is on different cables and it’s not tough to see why! Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory were immensely popular and successful sitcoms on television history which helped a lot of the actors with their careers, gave a lot of memes and catchphrases which the imitators failed to repeat. Both of the shows are the same as wells as different in their own way.

If you are a new watcher and indecisive about which one to commit to, here is the analysis of both the shows which will help you to choose!!!


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One of the most recommended television sitcoms Friends was a sitcom that aired in 1994 lasted 10 seasons was about a group of fellas in their twenties and thirties living in New York City. The series trails the lives of Monica (Courtney Cox), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), and Ross (David Schwimmer) as they struggle with professional life as well as their personal life.

The series finale was aired in 2004 and 52.5 million people watched the finale episode of the series making it the fifth most-watched series finale. With the six most hilarious characters, the show is quite relatable with the day-to-day situations. Throughout the series everyone tries to support each other through various ups and downs. At the end each character finds a good place in their lives, some in careers, some in personal relations, all of that  leading up to a sad finale where each of the friends stay close to each other while embracing the big changes in their life. 

Big Bang Theory


The big bang theory gained its huge limelight by presenting physics in such a fun and light way it surely changes our perspectives for the subject. This series shows scientists Sheldon and Leonard  , their next-door neighbour Penny , their friends Raj and Howard and fellow scientists Amy  and Bernadette and comic book store owner Stuart  as they also struggle with their work and personal lives and also becoming different people .The main catch of the show was that many of the characters were smart scientists with nerdy and socially awkward tendencies. This show ran for 12 seasons, two seasons more than Friends . 

Both the shows had their own spin offs as well. Friends had Joey that lasted for two seasons whereas the spin of the big bang theory – young Sheldon is still on air with its 5th season.

Which one is for you: Big Bang Vs Friends?

There are a lot of similarities in both of the shows as both shows have a small group of friends who mostly hang out at each other’s places. Both groups have a similar on/off pair ie. Ross- Rachel and Leonard-Penny which were the central pair of the story.  Whereas other couples such as Chandler- Monica and Sheldon- Amy are not the main pair  but still play a big role in respective shows. Due to this the other characters are for the comic timings but still they have their own stage timing as well.

 One of the biggest difference in the show is is the different way to approach the fun and comedy. Friends found humor in every day life while The Big Bang Theory used the characters’ personalities as the base of many jokes throughout the series, with a particular  weight on science and nerd culture.

This makes friends more relatable to everyday life that the big bang theory. But its different idea should not be overlooked. 

So what do you decide among Big Bang Vs Friends?



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