human extinction

What if the humans get extinct? How will the Earth get affected by human extinction? Earth is home to humans. It provides humans and other living species with everything they need to live. Earth was the best place to live when humans lived peacefully without any greed or any meaningless needs. There used to be greenery everywhere, beautiful sceneries, clean nature, everything was fine. But as the greed and needs of humans increased, the earth slowly started to die.

Humans have harmed the earth so much that it might not be able to heal again. Humans have harmed the Earth by creating different environmental problems by pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, resource exploitation, and many more. Even humans have also created problems for other living species on the planet which has led to the extinction of some species and many other species are endangered. The only possible way in which the earth can heal is human extinction unless and until there is no chance the earth is going to survive.

Possibilities for human extinction

According to the research, humanity has a large probability of being extinct in 7,800,000 years which means that we have already lived through half the duration of human history. Humanity is going to end one day, that is for sure. But the question is if the extinction is gonna happen naturally or the cause will be man-made.

There are many possible ways in which humanity could extinct:

  • 1. The most common and most probable belief is that climate change would result in human extinction. At present, there is not much impact of climate change on the Earth but in the future, it could lead to different challenges for humanity.
  • 2. A pandemic due to some virus or an epidemic disease like smallpox, influenza, HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 could also result in human extinction.
  • 3. Overpopulation has increased the demand and consumption of resources which is leading to resource depletion at a very high rate, that is why overpopulation can also be a reason for human extinction.
  • 4. Use of nuclear or biological weapons, either in war or for some other reason could destroy humanity.
  • 5. There could also be some natural ways like the creation of a micro black hole or a geological disaster or the Sun’s stellar evolution.

Earth after human extinction

When humanity is gone, Earth would ultimately be fine. Without human involvement, it would not only survive but would ultimately thrive. Nature would become greener and the atmosphere would become cleaner. The temperature of Earth used to rise due to global warming and the climate would become normal. The Earth would eventually get normal as it was before the arrival of the human species on it.

After human extinction, some other species would take human’s place but bacteria will continue to dominate the planet. New species will rise on the planet and earth would be much greener and cleaner. There used to be large animals everywhere and without the human race, there would be large animals around the globe.

After human extinction, nature will break down everything. The cities, buildings will crumble, bridges will fall and the fields and nature will be overgrown. Although the pollution, climate change, and the effect of nuclear remnants will still impact nature and earth for a long time, eventually nature will heal itself and earth will once again become abundant with diverse animal and plant life.


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