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human extinction

How will human extinction change the Earth?

What if the humans get extinct? How will the Earth get affected by human extinction? Earth is home to humans. It provides humans and...

Asteroid bigger than Taj Mahal racing towards Earth

NASA is one of the biggest space agencies in the world right now. NASA keeps tracking asteroids and comets that approach the Earth. With...
solar storm

Is Earth going to face a dangerous solar storm due to the new discovery...

There is a lot of possibility of Geomagnetic movement. As a result of disturbances in the Sun's atmosphere, a huge solar storm that might...

Diamond Contains a Hidden Mineral That Should Not Exist on Earth!!

Scientists have found a new mineral that was never seen before on Earth. The mineral is found in a diamond that is mined from...

Earthquake Help Trees To Grow, Reveals New Study

Earthquakes happen when two layers of earth slip over each other and for now no one can predict on what scale and where it...
Venus had oceans

Did the Planet Venus Ever Have Oceans like Earth?

A group of scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Planets have recently studied the...

Earth-like Exoplanets That Give Hope For Life in Another Half of the Universe

The word 'Exoplanet' seems very fascinating but it simply indicates a planet that is not a part of the solar system to which earth...
Yes, Nuking the Asteroids can Actually Save Earth from Damage

Nuking the Asteroids can Actually Save Earth from Damage, claims study

Asteroids have been playing a one-sided battle with the Earth for a long time. But, it won’t be the case anymore, as nuking the...
Climate Change can make Earth Alien to Humans in next 500 years

Climate Change can make Earth Alien to Humans in next 500 years, warn scientists

There are many reports based on scientific research that talk about the long-term impacts of climate change — such as rising levels of greenhouse...
Melting Polar Ice Sheets is Changing The Shape of Earth’s Crust on Huge Scale

Melting Polar Ice Sheets is Changing The Shape of Earth’s Crust on Huge Scale

The melting of the polar ice sheets is not only raising the sea levels but also twisting the underlying surface of Earth. And according...

Time is going too fast??  Here’s Why It Seems So!

You would sometimes feel that your time and life are going very quickly. Have you ever wondered why time is going too fast or why it feels so? It mostly feels when you look...
Michael Bay, Gareth Evans & Patrick Hughes Teams up for 'The Raid’ Remake

The Raid Remake To Come Soon On Netflix!!

The cult-classic action flick The Raid: Redemption is getting a "re-imagining" at Netflix. The new film adaptation of The Raid will see Michael Bay producing the feature along with XYZ Films, while Patrick Hughes...

Who are Rothschilds And Why They Are So Important?

Do you know who was the richest family in the world? Have you ever heard of the Rothschilds family? do you know who are Rothschilds? The Rothschilds, a Jewish banking family from the 1700s who...

Does Young Sheldon exceed the big bang theory?

"Does Young Sheldon exceed the Big Bang Theory?" well, it's an interesting question right!! Comedy is one of the complex and toughest elements of emotions. No one can force a laugh out of someone. While...