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Hey readers, what’s your thought about hyper-casual games? Do you enjoy playing them? Have you played Dodge bar? Well, Hyper Casual Games are basically those mobile video games that are free to play, easy to understand, and yes, require a minimum design with the least user interface. In today’s era, the stats establish the fact that people are highly getting engaged in hyper-casual games resulting in almost 31 percent of global downloads. yes, a whopping 31 percent which is really amazing.

Now, looking forward to this highly growing interest in the hyper-casual games, we will be reviewing one of the games`Dodge Bar” which is also categorized under the same genre. We will be reviewing the game “ Dodge Bar ”, discussing all the positives and negatives in detail, and in the end, we will leave it up to you whether you should try a hand in the game or not.

Let’s begin with a brief introduction to the game.

Dodge Bar- A Hyper Casual Game


Released on September 6, 2021, this game is offered by StackX. This game challenges you to keep the bar safe till you can. What the dodge bar game says is that you are given a bar and you need to tackle all the obstacles that come in the way, keeping that bar away from colliding into them. Well, I know this seems quite easy and why not, after all, it is a hyper-casual game, it is meant to be like that. But players, it’s not that simple and easy.

The game comes with a lot of twists and turns which you will only come to know when you will play it. You can easily download it from the google play store. Currently, the game runs on the 1.4 version and has also made several changes to improve it.

Now let’s move on to reviewing the game.

What makes it unique?

There are thousands of casual games available on the play store. So here the question is what makes this casual game “ Dodge Bar” stand out from the crowd. Although there are a lot of games based on this dodging bar, this one has a different movement and game style. Also, a plus point about the game is that its touch response is way much better than other existing games. It’s not that you tap on the screen and the response is made after a few seconds, but as soon as you touch the screen, the same moment the bar changes its movement.


The hyper-casual games are meant to relax your mind and yes this is one of those games. Moreover, it can prove to be beneficial in improving your reflexes. The game just demands you to tap on the screen whenever the bar reaches near to the hurdle, but making that tap at the right moment is the real task. This makes your mind more alert and yes in these terms a thumbs up for the game.

Easy to understand?


As soon as we open the game, as a beginner, it will take a good time to understand how to actually control the bar. Once you get it after 4-5 trials, it slowly and slowly becomes interesting. This dodge bar somewhere gets successful in being categorized as a casual game. Also in most of the games, it is observed that the games start to lag frequently but in the case of the Dodge Bar I haven’t experienced any kind of lag while playing.

Is the Dodge Bar Engaging?

The game becomes successful only when it is engaging and can attract the player to want more. In the case of Dodge Bar, it lacks this factor. The game is all about tapping on the screen and saving the bar. This concept becomes boring after a time. It could have been more engaging if it had some levels or events.

Frequent ads

The game becomes a likable one if it succeeds in providing the user with a smooth experience. Does the Dodge Bar provide a smooth playing experience? Then I must say a big no. The game offers frequent ads after almost each and every two minutes. Moreover, the same ad is shown which makes it more irritating, listen to the same sound again and again.

So this was all about the review. We recommend you to once play the game and share your experience with us.


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