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A very compact programable keyboard using Raspberry Pi Pico - Craffic

Raspberry Pi Pico Mechanical Keypad with 3D Printed Circuit

If you're a fan of custom keyboards or want to make your own keyboard from scratch, then check this all mechanical 3D printed custom Raspberry Pi Pico keypad made by a Reddit user Duzitbetter. First...

Netflix’s ‘Downloads for You’ feature Available Globally for Android users now

Netflix has added a new mobile feature "Downloads for You", which will aim to improve its offline content by opting for automatic downloads. With this new feature enabled, the Netflix app will automatically download...
kiwikit raspberry pi pico

Kiwikit an Expanded Development Board for Raspberry Pi Pico

After a month of release of Raspberry Pi Pico, a developer named Hammond Pearce has created a totally open-source expanded development board for it. Named as "Kiwikit" this expanded development board provides physical connections...
Fisherman caught Mutant Baby Shark - Craffic

Fisherman caught Mutant Baby Shark with Human Like Face

Shark – Human-Like Features A fisherman was left amused after witnessing his lifetime memory of fishing as he had caught a baby shark with an eerily human-like face. A 48-year-old fisherman, Abdullah Nuren claimed that he and his brother had...