Apex Legends hacked in order to spread the ‘Save Titanfall' message

Save Titanfall Community

A significant hack appears to have been used against Apex Legends — but not to cheat or win games. Instead, the hacker has established a new playlist name that directs users to a website dedicated to saving Titanfall.

At the end of each match, participants receive an “important message” requesting that they “visit and report savetitanfall.com,” a website that has been up since at least March 2021. Affected players appear to be unable to access additional game modes, thus preventing them from playing at all.

“Titanfall is a cherished series by many, and hackers problems have been on the rise [sic],” according to a statement on the website in question. “For almost three years, the gaming community has begged Respawn to address this issue, but to no effect.” This game is still being marketed today, even though it is unplayable. It’s past time for us to speak up.

“Titanfall 1 is now unplayable on PC because of hacker(s) utilizing exploits that prohibit gamers from playing the game,” the statement continues (thanks, @apexlegendsnews). “This problem has been going on for years, and Respawn is deliberately acting that they are unaware of it.”

“Titanfall 1 is still available for purchase on Origin and, more recently, Steam, even though the game is unplayable. The developers, Respawn, have been approached about this problem several times in a variety of methods. Even when the devs are approached directly, they cease responding as soon as the game’s issue is brought up. Electronic Arts, Respawn’s parent firm and Titanfall 1’s publisher, is aware of the problem, as evidenced by many reports to their client support and forums over the years.”

Respawn’s recent statement

Respawn recently stated on Twitter that it is recruiting “additional people to focus on manual bans,” and that it is also looking into new ways to identify and remove cheaters from games, presumably using automated technologies. Respawn also addressed the DDoS issue explicitly, stating that it was “creating new technologies to automatically detect and block DDoS assaults.”


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