Apple iPhone's Water-Resistant Abilities can Face a Lawsuit

Do you happen to be an iPhone user or one of the Apple enthusiasts? If so, What if you were told that even after the so-called water-resistant nature of the iPhones as claimed by the company, you still shouldn’t expect warranty coverage after getting the device wet.

Yes, you read that right because as it turns out they might not have provided those details accurately in its marketing material. After all, Apple is now being sued for an attempted class-action lawsuit.

As much as we like our smartphone companies to be transparent while advertising, it might be possible that they are not.

Did Apple overstate iPhone’s capabilities?

There is a complaint against Apple stating that Apple has overstated the water-resistive capabilities of iPhones, whether it holds up or not, let’s look into it. As it turns out to our surprise, the certification level tests are apparently conducted with static or pure water, not pool or seawater which is probably what you are most likely to get your phone wet with.

Apple iPhone's Water-Resistant Abilities can Face a Lawsuit

Now guess what does this mean. Yes, you guessed it right friends. If an iPhone was accidentally dropped in a pool or the sea, it would not receive any warranty coverage if the device started behaving improperly or stopped functioning altogether. As disappointing as it may sound, there is more to dwell on, just you keep reading.

The insides of iPhones also house a small indicator, which turns red if that indicator comes in contact with water. It can easily be identified by Apple’s personnel when the owner takes it in for warranty coverage and guess what happens next, i.e., DENIAL OF WARRANTY COVERAGE, How convenient for them, isn’t it?

Now, what might Apple have in its defence, you may be wondering, let me help you with that. Apple has suggested users wash areas of the iPhone that have been in contact with different liquids such as coffee or juice. However, Apple could be using this method to deny customers warranty coverage, as rinsing an iPhone could also lead to water entering the innards.

Long story short even if the iPhones are water resistant, you aren’t supposed to get yours wet, i hope you all can see the irony here.

The complaint which was filed against the company demands Apple correct its marketing, pay for the damages, the attorneys and experts, along with any other relief granted by the court. Well let us all see how this plays out, it sure is interesting to look out for.


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