Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality!! Well if you are a tech freak then you must have heard of it but if you are not then no worries too. We would help you learn about it through this article. With growing competition, the technology standards are growing too. And AR and VR are some of those hottest ongoing technologies these days. Let’s just do a detailed discussion on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, how they differ, how they work, and much more.

What are AR and VR?

AR stands for Augmented Reality and this technology deals with viewing the real world but with additional information and graphics. In simpler words, it has the capability to augment the actual world while spicing up reality by bringing in unreal elements.

On the other hand, VR stands for Virtual Reality and deals with replacing the real world with the virtual one by using some gadgets. In other words, virtual reality is all computer-generated, from everything you hear to everything you see is all computer-generated it seems naturalistic and synthetic. Moreover, VR provides you with a 360-degree view and allows you to use your hand and body movements to manipulate or control things.

augmented reality and virtual reality

Working of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Day by day the advancement in technology is hinting towards an age of new realities. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be the new way of working in the future.

For a fact that augmented reality and virtual reality tend to be the latest things in which even the investors are interested.

This AR and VR technology has been introduced quite a long time before. And according to the stats, in 2018 the market of the technology was around 17.8 billion dollars whereas coming to 2022 it will hike to 150 billion dollars as per the expectations.

This means soon it will become a demanding technology and so we need to update ourselves about it.

Virtual reality works on the concept as it explains “reality that is virtual” which gives us an experience of a virtual world creating a simulated environment with the help of computers.

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This setup of virtual reality is made possible with the help of the following components:

Hence the VR headset is a head-mounted display that allows you to experience the visuals which you want and cuts you off from the actual world. Headsets work to create the simulated 3-D world and showcase virtual reality as if it exists. Therefore the combination of hardware and software i.e. phones and headsets respectively gives you a 3-D display but the phone requirement is that is the frame rate must be 60fps min. Moreover, the VR technology offers a 360-degree view with the help of a head tracker which makes it too immersive.

AR technology working is established on the concept of augmenting the actual world which requires the following things:

  • Hardware ( HMD, sensors, glasses)
  • Software ( D’Fusion)
  • Remote servers ( for registration or storing data)

These components together make the objects appear like live projections. One thing that makes AR technology different from VR technology is that it does not cut off the user from the real world but the user is all aware of it.


Uses of Augmented reality and Virtual reality

This technology is potentially valuable and that’s the reason why tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Adobe are looking forward to working on this technology for future work. Due to its high potential, this technology can even solve a lot of problems and prove an asset in the fields like:

  • Gaming
  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Events Industry
  • Consumer business
  • Gaming
  • Tourism
  • Visual arts
  • Medical/ healthcare
  • Industrial design
  • Broadcast
  • Military

This field is also fantastic to opt for as a career option. Just think of being a futurist or an immersive technologist in Augmented reality and virtual reality.

Drawbacks of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Till now we talked a lot about AR and VR technology, its uses, etc. Now we are also aware of its usefulness and benefits but everything that exists has advantages as well as disadvantages. You might have got the question too that if it has so much potential then why is it not so massively adopted. So the answer to this question and some of the drawbacks of augmented reality and virtual reality are as follows:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are too expensive.
  • This technology is not portable.
  • Security and lack of privacy are also big issues in it.
  • It could act as a major threat to humans in terms of them losing connection from the actual world.
  • Also wearing those gadgets make you appear to look like an idiot ( all talking to themselves and moving weirdly, well this could be a drawback)
  • It could be addictive.
  • Training done in this environment is not real.

So this was all about the post but yes this technology is still in the experimental phase and has a lot of ability to improve the future and make our future much better and as said by someone “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”


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