An ‘Extremely Rare’ Apple iPhone 11 Pro with Misprinted Logo Sold for $2,700 (Rs. 2 Lakh) - Craffic

We see many iPhone model pictures these days, yet something uncommon is to see an iPhone misprint or some kind of production mistake. New pictures shared on Twitter this week show an iPhone 11 Pro misprint, which could be just about as rare as 1 out of 100 million.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the pictures were shared by the Internal Archive account on Twitter, which routinely shares pictures of uncommon Apple models and accessories. The iPhone 11 Pro here highlights a skewed Apple logo on the back, as it is marginally more to the right side than it ought to be.

The Internal Archive account guarantees that this misprinted iPhone 11 Pro could be pretty much as uncommon as 1 out of 100 million, or “conceivable significantly more extraordinary.” According to the record, this extremly rare iPhone has sold for $2,700 (Rs. 2 lakh) — drastically more than a typical iPhone 11 Pro would sell for these days.

Fascinating that in addition to the fact that this was a creation mishap, yet it’s one that made it into the wild. When all is said in done, misprints, for example, are obliterated during assembling to stay away from them getting into the hands of collectors and users.


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