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Facebook is working on its visual search technology to make it easier to spend money on Instagram and Whatsapp and get products that you fancy.

The new camera-based search tools will double down the shopping features throughout the platform by letting users find products using their camera or the images from their camera roll. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, announced four new shopping features on Tuesday. These features, Shops on Whatsapp and Marketplace, Instagram Visual Search, and Shop Ads will grip the shopping process on all social media platforms.


Facebook adds Shops to Whatsapp along with a new visual search option on Instagram

Instagram being the most influential application holding a large audience is a potential platform to execute the technology. When one is browsing Instagram, one will be able to tap the product that you like and get results for the similar product that people are selling at that moment. Visual search technology will make shopping available in several countries.

Zuckerberg believes, “Visual search will be helpful in making photos shoppable.”

Whatsapp and Marketplace

Whatsapp will allow users to chat with the businesses before purchasing any product. However, shops on the marketplace will let the sellers set up an online store on Facebook enabling shops to work on all social media platforms (owned by Facebook).  

Facebook adds Shops to Whatsapp along with a new visual search option on Instagram

Shops Ads

Shops Ads will allow businesses to target ads based on one’s interest and shopping preference. These ads may be personalized with special offers and promotions, Zuckerberg said. Shop Ads will be coming to the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.



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