FIFA 21’s “EAGate” scandal of Icon Cards Selling by Employee Highlighted

FIFA 21 Scam 

An EA employee was alleged to have sold coveted Ultimate Team cards for thousands of pounds which could lead FIFA to the biggest scandals to ever hit the game. 

A company employee selling Icon cards in packages priced 750-1000 euros have appeared in unconfirmed direct messages. 3 Prime Icon Moments cards were offered in one WhatsApp message for 1700 euros. 

Cards Importance 

 These icon cards are the favorite ones for players in the FIFA Ultimate Team. Legendary players such as Brazilian Pele, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, and Ruud Gullit are included. They are almost impossible to obtain through the mode’s controversial loot boxes, so people would tend to buy them. 

FIFA 21 Icon Cards

Special versions of Icon cards called Prime Icon Moments are rarer than the earlier ones that mark one game or tournament that was special for the players. 

Hard Work in Nutshell

Bids of thousands of pounds were placed by players to obtain these super rare Icon cards. While the EA has been blamed to hide the probability of obtaining a card of a certain quality, which is lesser than one percent. 

A black market for FIFA Ultimate Team has existed for a long time for buying FUT coins that can be used to buy Icons when they are available from the in-game auction house. But allegations being put are unique in that they can buy Icon cards directly using cash. 

EAGate Scam 

The fans are somewhat distressed as “EAGate” is now trending on Twitter stating that if it’s true then the hard work being put by them would be in nutshell by ruining the balance of the game and its economy. 

An investigation has been launched by EA after noticing the allegations. They said that – 

“We understand how this creates concern about unfair balance in the game and competition.”


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