Google's Olympics-inspired 16-bit RPG Doodle Champion Island Games is the best one ever

After months of delays caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has now officially started. Nonetheless, And to celebrate this occasion, Google has released the Olympics-inspired browser game “Doodle Champion Island Games!” which is a 16-bit role-playing game (RPG) with anime-style intros, a top-down perspective for the overworld, non-player characters to talk to, and areas/buildings to explore.

In this game, you play as Lucky the Cat, and defeat other characters in a variety of mini-games like marathon running, rugby, table tennis, skateboarding, synchronized swimming, archery, and climbing. However, in keeping with the RPG model, there are a few basic side tasks too.

Doodle Champion Island Games

The entire thing is elegantly designed and intuitively controlled using only your arrow keys and space bar. Oh, and it autosaves, so you can have brief two-minute blasts while doing other things throughout the day. 

Google also allows you to join one of four teams (blue, green, red, or yellow), and you can see which team is at the top of the standings by looking at an in-game leaderboard.

And players are loving this game so much that many of them have started doing speed runs to complete the game as soon as possible. At the tie of writing this article, the record for completing Doodle Champion Island Games! is just 11 seconds held by not one but three speedrunners ExaminationMassive95, stratpat1964, and dishadow99 (via TheGamer).

In any case, visit the front page of to play the Doodle Champion Island Games!


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