Start cross-checking your e-mails because Microsoft might have left something in there for you. In the last few days, people noticed gift cards from Microsoft appearing in their inboxes. Now the company has confirmed that a total of 50,000 gift cards are mailed to U.S customers.

 25,000 customers will receive a gift card of $100 and another 25,000 will receive a gift card of $10.

All 50,000 receivers are randomly selected and can redeem their virtual gift card on the Microsoft Store by December 31, 2021, and can spend it within 90 days of redemption.

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You might not be selected randomly. But it’s worth checking the emails you use for both Xbox Live and Skype. It is worth noting that scammers may send you out Spoofing emails as mail from Microsoft. Always be careful of such emails and double-check the email address domain.


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