OnePlus 9 Prototype on Sale on eBay by Unknown

Update, December 29 (12:55 PM IST): After listing the prototype of OnePlus 9 on eBay for $3000 (which was later taken down), the seller relisted it with $6000 price tag.

OnePlus 9 Prototype on eBay

eBay may be a store for an exciting site for consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales but some can utilize the platform for selling a product that is not released yet. That’s exactly what happened with the new model – OnePlus 9 unit in recent days which was open for sale for buyers that look it as an opportunity for buying successor of 2020’s best Android phones at $3000. The item has been pulled out from the eBay listing but could be seen in the archived section by everyone which includes all major code at the bottom of the screen which distinctively identifies the device.

Seller – Not Smart Enough

These codes which are displayed on the screen of the prototype all the time along with the pre-release devices helps the manufacturers to catch leakers by tracking these photos to identify the individual employee. So possibly the person selling the preproduction OnePlus 9 on eBay maybe not aware of the code or the unit on sale may have stolen by the eventual eBay seller.

So the person who first spotted this eBay list goes by the name @Deadman_Android on Twitter and is known as Mishaal Rahman. He also ponders that the image shown for the product resembles the one which appeared in other leaks of the physical unit as it manifests temporary branding rather than the usual OnePlus logo on the back panel.

Leaks Confirmation

So it may be listed out from eBay but it confirms details about previous OnePlus 9 leaks which include a bronze-hued back panel and camera module inspired by iPhone packing LED flash, 2 large lenses, and a third smaller lens.

Information regarding the phone prototype like 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage is not legit information but other information can be matched that what we could expect and confirm from OnePlus 9. These features are an early version of OxygenOS 11 and model number LE2117. One more thing which is clear that T-Mobile’s 5G logo is displayed in the status bar and the details of the shipping are being done from the US suggests that it is a unit variant of T-Mo.

OnePlus 9 – Insider Info

OnePlus 9

The OnePlus 9 is said to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, 5nm chipset, with 65W quick charging, 30W wireless charging, and a flat hole-punch display. And the OnePlus 9 series will include two more variants that are – The onePlus 9 Pro and Lite where the former will use the same chipset as the OnePlus 9 but the latter will be powered by Snapdragon 865. They are set to flow in the market by March 2021.

Update, December 29 (12:55 PM IST) – The eBay seller sold OnePlus 9 prototype for $6,000

The original seller of OnePlus9 on eBay relisted the prototype, and this time the phone’s ID number was not visible. First spotted by Android Police the new listing, states that someone purchased the prototype on Dec 26 for $6,000 USD.

In the listing, the illicit seller states that “I am not responsible for OnePlus erasing this phone or anything they may do to the phone after purchase period. If you purchase this you agree to those terms.” Suggesting that everyone involved in this knows that the company can remotely deactivate this phone with the help of its ID number that has already leaked before.

OnePlus 9 sold for 6000 on eBay
Source: eBay



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