A New Hint Suggests Persona 5 Arena Fighting Game Might be Happening Soon - Craffic

Even though it just delivered another Persona 5 spin-off recently with Persona 5 Strikers, it would seem that Atlus could be proceeding with the series in another way as it were. Even though Atlus and publisher Sega haven’t declared anything officially right now, some new maneuvers in the background have shown that another Persona game – explicitly inside the fighting genre – could be underway.

The justification of this conviction comes as Atlus as of late re-filled a small bunch of lingering site domains that it had in its control (via Persona Central). A portion of these domains being referred to wasn’t related to anything specific and are essentially named Persona 8, Persona 9, and Persona 10. Maybe the most intriguing site domain that Atlus has stayed in charge of, nonetheless, is a planned site named “P5U.JP“.

Concerning how this all ties once again into Persona 5 getting another battling game, the P5U title is the thing that shows that Atlus could be chipping away at such an undertaking. For those ignorant, Persona 4 got a battling game that was known as Persona 4 Arena. Inside Japan, this game was ordinarily condensed as “P4U”. Given that, to see this truncation show up by and by with Persona 5 joined implies that the studio could be chipping away at a comparative battling game with the cast of the latest mainline entry participating.

It is worth focusing on that for the present, P5U.JP is anything but a genuine site, implying that this isn’t something you can visit all alone. Atlus is essentially hunching down on the domain in the remote possibility that it happens to use it one day. Nonetheless, the way that the organization picked to keep this domain as opposed to allow it to terminate, which would have occurred toward the finish of April, appears to reveal to us that something is going on.

Regardless of whether we see a declaration attached to a potential Persona 5 Arena game remaining parts not yet clear. All things considered, with the establishment all in all turning 25 years of age this year, it makes sense that Atlus will have something new to share before 2021 has wrapped up.


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