New $90 Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Adapter comes with a hidden SSD slot

Satechi has introduced a new dongle combining extra ports and a slot for an M.2 SATA SSD for expanding both computer’s input/output and storage which only uses one of the precious ports with a catchy name, the Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Adapter that doesn’t come with an SSD.

A hub has a 100W USB-C PD passthrough that will supply the computer with around 85W after it takes the energy it needs to operate. It also comes with two USB-A 3.0 ports, an HDMI port capable of driving a 4K screen at 60Hz, and the M.2 port that can be used to add a SATA SSD of any size. 

One has to purchase an M.2 SSD separately from Satechi or one could also buy one of Satechi’s other hubs which adds SD and microSD card slots, and a 256GB flash drive.

A flash drive will be much slower than an SSD under ordinary circumstances and one would only able to access the SSD at USB 3.0 speeds, meaning 5 Gbps which is going to limit the performance of even the SATA SSDs that the hub supports.

The main problem with Satechi’s new hub is its price which is $90, which makes it an expensive hub that too without M.2 SSD. Similar hubs can be found which are relatively cheap around $20.

Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Adapter comes in space gray as well as black and is available now from the company’s online store and Amazon too.


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