Sony buys Evo, the most prestigious fighting game championship series - Craffic

Sony and RTS, another venture from Endeavor’s esports business, have gained the renowned Evo battling game competition through “a joint endeavor esports association.” The conditions of the securing were not revealed: “because of legally binding responsibilities.”

“Fighting games are now an indispensable piece of PlayStation’s inheritance and our community since the start, and we’ve been excited to cooperate with Evo throughout the long term,” Steven Roberts, VP of worldwide competitive gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in a public statement. “This joint association with RTS marks a new part of a mixed effort with Evo’s co-founder, Tom and Tony Cannon, and their energetic community of fighting game fans.”

Tom and Tony Cannon additionally shared a message to the Evo community in regards to the obtaining. “The new organization is focused on bringing stunning competitions and competitive gaming encounters back to you this year and beyond” they said.

The associations additionally declared that Evo will be back this year as Evo Online, a virtual fighting game competition occurring from August 6th-8th and August 13th-15th. Players can contend in competitions for Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and Tekken 7.

“Our aggregate group is laser-centered around one mission: saving the realness of Evo for the fighting game community and finding innovative ways, close by our fans, to develop the competition and make its occasions and broadcasts more fun, drawing in and available than at any other time,” Sony said in its blog. “At its center, Evo will remain what it has consistently been: an open-format competition that gives fighting game fans from various nations an opportunity to interface, test their abilities, and manufacture new fellowships.” The Cannons will “remain firmly associated with a warning part,” as per Sony.

A year ago, Evo was booked to occur online in the late spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it was dropped after co-founder and president Joey Cuellar was blamed for a sexual offense.

“We need to reaffirm that provocation or maltreatment of any sort includes no spot inside Evo or any of our future occasions, and we’re playing it safe to ensure individuals from our community will consistently be treated with the regard, nobility, and respectability you deserve,” the Cannons said in their assertion.

Evo will be worked by the new joint endeavor among Sony and RTS, the new pursuit from Endeavor. (Endeavor offers ability representation, occasion the executives administrations, and different administrations for sports, diversion, and different businesses.)

“Evo is an exceptional and notorious community dissimilar to some other in the fighting game space, and we’re pleased to join forces with the SIE team and the legends that are Tom and Tony—just as Mark Julio as Head of Business Development—to help develop Evo,” Stuart Saw, CEO of RTS, said in an explanation.


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