Sony’s next-gen PSVR specs leaked from the developer conference

Sony’s Next-Generation PlayStation Virtual Reality (next-gen PSVR) headset (set to arrive in 2022) is rumored to have 4K resolution, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, eye-tracking, and a vibration motor. And now Sony has confirmed some of these features in a developers conference on Tuesday, where it detailed new information about the sequel to the PSVR, reports Youtube channel PSVR without Parole and Upload VR.

The device is reportedly codenamed next-gen VR (NGVR) will connect to the PlayStation console through a single cable only (Passthrough box is not required). And as reported previously, it will feature a high-resolution OLED display of 2000 X 2040 pixels per eye (total 4K solution) and a 110-degree view. NGVR also allows eye tracking by using foveated rendering and new flexible scaling resolution.

And the last they claiming to sense fingers when far away from the controller and touching buttons (somewhat like radar detection of Google’s phones and smart home devices with soli chip). These overall features improve the performance of the next-gen PSVR or PSVR 2.

Sony is also planning to bring AAA titles to their new hybrid VR system and user can choose it to play in VR or TV going forward. However, all of this is still a rumor Sony announce anything officially, possibly at the end of this year.

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