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What Is LO-FI Music? Why Is LO-FI so popular?

These days almost everywhere you will commonly find a Lo-fi song (extreme or mixed) along with depressing looping anime gif, with a VHS overlay. The latest music craze, Lo-fi music, is helping youth, especially students...
regenerative agriculture

What Is Regenerative Agriculture? Is It Sustainable Approach In Farming!

Farmers are one of the important pillars of society. They grow the crops that we need for viability. With time the methods and practices of farming and agriculture have changed and according to some...
chris evans

Chris Evans is all set to join Dwayne Johnson in Amazon’s holiday film Red...

Marvel star Chris Evans is set to feature with Dwayne Johnson in Amazon Studios’ upcoming holiday movie Red One. As per reports, the feature project is based on an original story by Hiram Garcia,...

What Are NFTs? Future of NFTs in India!

NFT is an abbreviated form of Non-Fungible Token. NFTs have been around since 2014 but in these recent years, they have exploded all over the internet. NFTs are digital assets but they are not...