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The heavy Sniper, Kshitij is the marksman of the team Craffic. He joined the team in 2018 and his continuous hard work and dedication to the work has made his precision in work unmatched. Kshitij has experience in editing the work of others to foster stronger bonds with fellow authors and working together to improve each other's work.
raspberry pi based arduino nano rp2040 connect

Arduino to Release Raspberry Pi Based Board

Arduino is about to release its own board based upon Raspberry Pi's new RP2040 SoC, as addressed by its co-founder and chairman Massimo Banzi and CEO Fabio Violante. Both confirmed in a blog, (just after...
Elon Musk announces $100 million prize for new carbon capture tech

Elon Musk will donate $100 million to best Carbon capture tech

The world is becoming awkwardly warm because of mankind's emphasis on consuming petroleum derivatives. Elon Musk is presently the wealthiest human on earth. However, for being among the most well off an individual on...
MagSafe magnets

Apple says iPhone 12 and Magsafe can impact Pacemakers

It was reported a few weeks ago a study suggested that the addition of the MagSafe magnets to Apple's iPhone 12, could interfere with medical implants such as pacemakers. The company had recently had...
cybersecurity team

President Biden enlists ‘world-class’ cybersecurity team in wake of hacks

In view of the SolarWinds hack that exposed several government agencies, President Biden is escalating the importance of cybersecurity. Reuters reports that Biden has recruited a host of officials well-versed in cybersecurity. To begin with,...