Upcoming Sci-fi game 'The Invincible' gets First Teaser Trailer

Set in retro-future timeline The Invincible, an upcoming sci-fi game from Polish-developer Starward Industries, is based on the classic novel of same name by Stanislaw Lem has recently revealed its first trailer.

The trailer introduces players to the main characters – Dr. Yasna and Astrogator Novik – who will be tasked with escaping inhospitable planet known as Regis III. Here check out the trailer below.

“Set in a distant galaxy on the mysterious planet, Regis III, players will take on the role of scientist, Dr. Yasna, and can look forward to multiple story paths and endings in this cinematic adventure thriller,” reads the official press release.

“The story takes place in an alternative retro-future timeline, where digital technology has not been invented. Although humanity uses analogue technology, it has conquered vast amounts of planets and ventured into many other galaxies thanks to it.”

The Invincible” was the one of the first novels to explore the concept of nanobots, which author Stanislaw Lem referred to as necroevolution.

Currently in development for PC and new-generation consoles using Unreal Engine, The Invincible will release sometime in 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.


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