Texas’ biggest esports teams is now a co-owned by Post Malone

New name in esports

Post Malone by becoming the co-owner of Envy Gaming is the latest celebrity to jump into the world of competitive gaming. The news of Pop-star joining as co-owner was announced by the Envy gaming but has not disclosed equity stake in the company he owns. Envy has been operating teams in multiple games and owns the Dallas Empire of the Call of Duty League and Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel, which hosted OWL’s first home game in 2019.

Team Envy

Views of Post Malone

Post Malone in his statement said that he has grown up in Texas and has been gaming his whole life. So this step was just something he felt right. He has himself wanted to be a contributor to bring gaming into the professional sports world. So this new co-ownership of Envy gaming is a just perfect fit for his ideas for his hometown.

Many Stars in esports

Many big stars are joining the field of e-sports and Post Malone joins a growing list of big stars investing in esports. Few celebs like Offset invested in Faze Clan, Drake invested in 100 Thieves & The Weeknd invested in Overacted Media. And it was just this week NBA star Ben Simmons invested in Faze Clan.

Although it is not the first step of Post Malone into gaming, he is also the ambassador for peripheral-maker HyperX. And he also streams games like Warzone and PUBG, occasionally. Nowadays YouTube and Twitch streamers become stars in their fields, so all these kinds of collaborations are very common.

Offset on esports

As stated by Offset to the Verge that this is a source of entertainment as their lies a strong connection between Hip-Hop and Gaming. The people playing games are like rock stars as they are influencers of their field, that’s what he (Offset) does, so there is a connection between them and it’s is cool & organic.

Offset American rapper

Envy has been into esports since 2007 and since then has emerged as the biggest name in esports. And this weekend is the mark of a big moment for the organization because the Dallas Empire is in the final four of the Call of Duty League and has a greater chance to win the championship and the throne.

Literal Throne Of Winners


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